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Abra Stokowski - Rich Man Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski's Daughter

sajju Published On Fri Jun 11 2021   Modified On Fri Jun 11 2021
Abra Stokowski - Rich Man Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski's Daughter

Abra Stokowski is a public figure who is widely known as the daughter of the American businessman and investor, Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski. In fact, she is the granddaughter of an American author, actress, artist, socialite, and fashion designer, Gloria Vanderbilt.

Additionally, her uncle, Anderson Cooper is an American TV journalist, and the anchor of the CNN news show, Anderson Cooper 360 degree.

Personal Life & Past Relationship: 

Abra Stokowski is neither dating nor married. Abra might be living a single life at the moment. However, there isn't any information about her personal life. Therefore, she has remained out of the spotlight and has maintained her personal life very private.

Married Life of Parents:

Abra Stokowski's father Leopold married his wife, Emily Goldstein in a private ceremony. There are no details about how they first met, the wedding date, and the wedding venue. The couple gave birth to two beautiful daughters: Abra Stokowski and Aurora Stokowski. 

                   Abra Stokowski's Parents, Emily Goldstein and Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski                       Source: Biography Tribune

Furthermore, Aurora tied the wedding knot with her husband, Anthony Mazzei who is a New York-based investor. Therefore, they are living a happily married life with no news or rumors of their separation or divorce.

Professional Career & Net Worth:

Well, Abra Stokowski stayed away from the limelight and lived a low-key life, so the information about her professional life and career remains unknown. While her father is a business tycoon who believes in investing in various sectors. 

He has invested in many sectors all over New York and England. Reportedly, he has a massive net worth of $110 million. In fact, he owns a luxurious beautiful house in New York where he lives with his family.

Short Bio of Leopold:

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski was born on 22nd August 1950 in Manhattan, New York, the USA. He is the son of his parents, Leopold Anthony Stokowski and Gloria Vanderbilt. His father was a British conductor and his mother is an American author, actress, artist, socialite, and fashion designer. 

As siblings, he has three brothers: Christopher Stokowski, Anderson Cooper (half-brother), and Carter Vanderbilt Cooper (half-brother). Sadly, Carter is no more as he committed suicide jumping off a 14-floor building in 1988.

Get to know about Abra:

Abra Stokowski is one of the daughters of the couple, Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski and Emily Goldstein. Her father is a business tycoon and investor. She grew up with her sister named Aurora Stokowski. 

Abra Stokowski's sister, Aurora Stokowski Source: Twitter

However, the information about her date of birth and educational background is not available over the internet. By nationality, she is an American and belongs to the white ethnicity.  

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