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Alexandre De Meyer - Danielle Colby's Husband Who Doesn't Use Social Media

upesh Published On Mon Aug 16 2021   Modified On Mon Aug 16 2021
Alexandre De Meyer - Danielle Colby's Husband Who Doesn't Use Social Media

Alexandre De Meyer is a highly talented graphic designer and artist. He is a very skilled artist who can create and manage anything related to a graphic identity. 

The French artist is also most recognizable as the ex-husband of Danielle Colby who is a reality TV star. He is a talented artist who designs custom T-shirts, makes logos, and many other artistic things for his client.


Born in the beautiful streets of Viron, France, Alexandre De Meyer is a very mysterious person who likes to keep away from the limelight. He hasn't shared anything about his past life or about his parents.

Currently, in his 40s, his exact birthdate is still unknown. It is still not confirmed as to how many siblings he has but he often talks about how much he cares and loves his sister but he hasn't mentioned her name.

Career and Education

The handsome designer has had a love for arts since his childhood and has graduated as a graphic designer though the name of the institute is still not known to the public eye.

He began his career as a 3D graphic designer at Kineka, a marketing and advertising company where he worked for about four years. 

Alexandre De Meyer
Alexandre De Meyer
Source: biographyfact

With the intent of developing his skills, he left the company and started working for a design and print shop named Going Blind. 

After accumulating lots of skills in his field he decided to start his own business named Nef Weiss, where he began designing posters, postcards, logos, stickers, and T-shirts. His business became a big hit and he gained lots of money and fame.

However this was not his biggest success, he gained his biggest achievement when he designed the blueprint for the Michelin Museum.

Relation with Danielle Colby

Alexandre De Meyer was known to the world after he married the American model and TV star, Danielle Colby. They first met each other in 2011. They had a spark after their meeting and dated for some time.

Not long after the two had been with each other they officially tied the knot in 2015. The marriage took place with the presence of their close family and friends. However, it was not Danielle's first marriage. Colby was first married to Robert Strong with whom she had two kids. 

Alexandre De Meyer with Danielle Colby
Alexandre De Meyer with Danielle Colby
Source: biogossip

Meyer, however, grew closer with the kids as they started living together in Chicago with Danielle her niece. Unfortunately, the couple stayed together only for two years before the couple decided to go their separate ways.

The ex-couple didn't have any children together and currently, both of them have stayed away from the limelight after they parted ways with each other.

Love For Tattoos

Once a person is in love with arts, they will admire and welcome any form of it. The same thing is true for Alexandre De Meyeras well, since he is a professional at creating arts for his job he also has a love for arts in his body. He has many tattoos all over his body which can be seen in almost every of his photos.

His love for tattoos could also be one of the reasons his ex-wife, Danielle was attracted to him in the first place, since she is also a tattoo enthusiast and has many tattoos all over her body as well.

Net Worth: 2 Million

Alexandre De Meyer has a net worth of 2 million USD. He has a lot of creativity and skills which have earned him a lot of clients which contributes chunks of cash towards his net worth. 

His biggest achievement of designing the blueprints for the Michelin Museum also has contributed a lot towards his big net worth. He also utilized his fame and ideas to start a website through which he attracts a large number of clients.

Alexandre De Meyer sharing a coconut with Danielle Colby
Alexandre De Meyer sharing a coconut with Danielle Colby
Source: distractify

Social Network Presence

Unfortunately, for the fans of Alexandre De Meyer, he isn't currently active on any of the social platforms so getting in touch to follow his life and achievements is quite hard for his fans.

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