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Home celebrity Angie Varona : Facts and Pictures Inside With Personal Detail and Controversies

Angie Varona : Facts and Pictures Inside With Personal Detail and Controversies

sammy Published On Wed Mar 17 2021   Modified On Wed Mar 17 2021
Angie Varona : Facts and Pictures Inside With Personal Detail and Controversies

American Instagram star Angie Varona’s full name is ‘Angeline Mercedes Varona’. She is a professional model known for her hourglass figure and steamy bikini pictures on Instagram. 

She has an impressive 2.9 million followers. She is 5ft and 2 inches tall and her body measurements are 36-24-36.

Before she became a popular influencer, she went through a rough phase during her teenage years when her bikini pictures got leaked. After changing two schools, Varona turned to home-schooling to avoid the constant bullying she was receiving.

A decade later, she has turned her biggest fear into her strength and now she has a well-paying modeling career in social media.

NameAngeline Mercedes Varona
Date of BirthApril 29, 1993, in Miami, Florida
Father’s NameJuan Varona
Mother’s NameMaria Varona
Relationship StatusIn a relationship with @rickbythebay
Favorite BreakfastSmoked Salmon Bagel
Favorite TV ShowsGOT, House of Cards, Vikings, American Crime Story, Orange is the New Black
ProfessionModel and Influencer and aspiring lawyer
EducationA Law School Graduate, Esq

Facts About Instagram Sensation Angie Varona:


1. Teenage Controversy: 

Many years before in 2007 when she was just 14 years old and some of her provocative pictures got leaked online. She was in a bikini and overnight she became ‘Most Googled teenager' who received rape threats. 

It was so heartbreaking for the kid that she almost gave in to suicide unable to escape the horrific incident. All the unwanted led her to depression to the point that she sought comfort in drugs.

2. Relationship Status:

Angie Varona is currently dating a man named Rick. His Instagram handle, @rickbythebay is private but Angie posts pictures of them together enjoying vacations in various exotic locations. He is a managing partner at the American Medical Academy.

3. Book Worm and Top Student:

From getting straight A in subjects like Contemporary Pol Theory, Legislative Process, and International Relations to receiving a GPA of 3.75 in her Spring 2017 term, Angie has always been a sincere student and takes her studies very seriously. 

She completed her undergrad diploma ‘Bachelor of Arts and Political Science’ from Florida International University.

Varona also loves fiction. Her favorite books include ‘Fighting Castro’ by kay Abella, ‘Lovely Bones’, ‘Heart-shaped box’, ‘The Alchemist’ among many others.

4. Law School Graduate:

She also boasts an impressive educational background. She is a law school graduate who is soon going to be an esquire meaning that she is going to get her bar’s license and begin practicing as a lawyer in days to come. 

She graduated from St.Thomas university. Unfortunately, her grandfather, Oscarito passed away on the morning of her graduation day in May 2017.

5. Fitness Crazy:

As an Instagram model, Angie understands the importance of staying fit and maintaining a healthy and good-looking physique. She follows a rigorous workout routine and never misses hitting the gym. Her workout regimes on Instagram are a fan-favorite.


6. Singer/Musician Parents:

Born to passionate singer/musician parents Yuan and Maria Varona on April 29, 1993, the social media sensation is also a singer and a model. Her parents have a youtube channel called ‘@varonafamily’ where they cover classic songs.

Angie maintains that her parents are her source of strength and often posts pictures of them on her Instagram handle.

7. Musician Brother:

She also has an older brother Christian Varona. He is two years elder than Angie and is a professional clarinet and sax player.

He attended Ferguson’s magnet program and graduated from Boston’s Berklee College of Music. His Instagram handle is @Varona_tvc

8. Animal Lover:

Angie has a passion for dogs. He also likes cats and parrots. Her pet dong’s name is Bentley ‘Benny’ Varona.

9. Net Worth:

Angie has an estimated net worth of $500,000 as of 2021. She earns this through her Instagram endorsements and modeling assignments. 

She is a permanent face of Bang energy. An Elite Bang Energy model receives an average of $50,000 annually. In addition to that, she promotes other energy drinks, Keto Cofee, Pre-workout master Balster, and other supplements. 

She is seen promoting brands like BoohooMAN clothing, Rydewear, eatcleanllc, Fashion Nova, Redline energy beverages, Raymon G Valentines apparels. These brand endorsements give her a good income.

As an influencer, Angie makes an average of $3000 per video post, $2000 for image post, and $1000 for the brand promotional story. Thanks to her massive fan following.

She also earns a decent amount from TikTok. With over 129k followers on the platform and a 9.2% engagement rate, she is able to bank a platform partner income of approximately $850-$1500 per month.

She owns a couple of luxury cars, one of which is this BMW 430. She definitely knows how to spend her fortune in style! 

10. Instagram Handle:

You can follow her at @angievarona



11. Tiktok handle:

Find her on TikTok at @angievaronaofficial