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Bobbi Raffel - Real Facts of Businessman Marcus Lemonis' Wife

chand Published On Sat Jul 31 2021   Modified On Sat Jul 31 2021
Bobbi Raffel - Real Facts of Businessman Marcus Lemonis' Wife

Roberta Bobbi Raffel, also known as Bobbi Raffel is a successful businesswoman. She is also known as the wife of a successful Business tycoon Marcus Lemonis. These two started dating in 2016 and got married in February 2018 in a private way.

Even though Raffel was a talented business personal she didn't really get to be famous. But after marrying his husband who is about 20 years younger than her she has lately been a new celebrity face. Raffel was the firstborn of three children. Her birthday is on 21 of September.

Parents and Siblings 

Raffel was born to Millicent and Kenneth Fenchel. Her father was a World World War II veteran. Her two younger siblings are Stephen Fenchel and Mickey Fenchel Sima. 

Bobbi Raffel on her moms 95th birthday.
Bobbi Raffel on her mom's 95th birthday.
Source: instagram/@bibbilemonismom's

Both of her parents have passed away. Her mother passed away in November of 2018 while her father died in 2013. Even though both her parents have died she always remembers them and keeps posting their photos on her social media.

Husband - Marcus Lemonis

Bobbi Raffel is married to Marcus Lemonis who is a successful self-made Billionaire. His family was originally from Greece but he was born in Lebanon, Beirut. 

Bobbi Raffel with Marcus Lemonis.
Bobbi Raffel with Marcus Lemonis.
Source: Gadget Clock.

Due to the civil war in Beirut, he lost his family and was adopted by a family in Maimi, Florida. He is now one of the most successful business Tyocoon in the world.

Marcus loves Raffel despite their huge age gap. He believes that the important thing in relationships is to invest in the right person with whom you want to spend your whole life.

Her Wedding with Marcus Lemonis 

In their Relationship, the very first move was made by Bobbi herself when they met at the COTERIE trade show for women's fashion. And after dating for one year Lemonis proposed to Bobbi on the day of Christmas. 

Bobbi Raffela with Marcus Lemoni on their wedding day.
Bobbi Raffela with Marcus Lemoni on their wedding day.
Source: Affair Post

The couple later get married in Hotel Bel-Air in February 2018 which was a kind of small Matrimonial ceremony just with their close family and friend.

After their marriage, they all had a full weekend party. Also when it came to their honeymoon it was quite unique because Bobbi chose to help her husband to do his film episode and refused to go on a vacation. 

Bobbi's Previous Relationship and children

As Raffel is 20 years older than her husband it is no surprise that she is married previously. She was married and has a son and a daughter from her previous husband.

Bobbi Raffela with her daughter on her birthday.
Bobbi Raffela with her daughter on her birthday.
Source: instagream/@bobbilemonis

 Bobbi often shares her daughter's photos on her social medial. Her daughter has a great bond with her mother's current husband. She was even present on the day of her mother's wedding ceremony.


Bobbi worked as a sales manager and also have managed modeling agencies in past. Since, Roberta is an avid business person she has recently invested $1.3 million in one of the world's most successful firms called, Camping World. 

It makes her co-owner of the largest company that sells recreational vehicles and all sorts of camping gear with 48% shares of the company to her name.

Bobbi Raffel posing with lemon.
Bobbi Raffel posing with a lemon. 
 Source: Marriedceleb

Net Worth

Bobbi Raffel is one of the most talented businesswomen who knows what she wants to do. Recently, she has invested more than $1 million in a company called Camping world. Her Net worth is not revealed as she likes to keep her life private.

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