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Margaret Johnson - "Bumpy" Johnson's Daughter

chand Published On Thu Nov 18 2021   Modified On Thu Nov 18 2021
Margaret Johnson - "Bumpy" Johnson's Daughter

Margaret Johnson is the daughter of Ellsworth Raymond Jhonson aka"Bumpy" Johnson's Daughter who was an Afro African mobster famous for his drug trafficking and crimes.

Actually, Margaret was the granddaughter of Bumpy Johnson but after the death of Margaret's mother Elise who was the real daughter of Bumpy Johnson, he and his wife started raising up their Granddaughter as his own daughter. To know more about Margaret Jhonson stay with us.


Johnson lost her mother at a very young age and at first, she wasn't really close to her grandparents at all. But after all the efforts that Bumpy Jhonson and Myame Hatcher made to get involved in her life, she became aware that she would get all the love she needed from her grandparents.

After the death of her mother, she was able to live lavish life because of her grandparents.

Margaret Johnson's godfather Bumpy Johnson's mugshot.
Margaret Johnson's godfather Bumpy Johnson's mugshot.
Source: All That's Interesting

Raised by grandparents

After losing her mother at a young age Margaret Johnson was lost and devastated. But her grandparent did their best to provide for her. 

They paid for all her expenses and even let her get an education from a private school. Bumpy Johnson turned himself to godfather from grandfather to raise his granddaughter like his own daughter.

Margaret Jhonson's grandmother Myame Hatcher.
Margaret Jhonson's grandmother Myame Hatcher.
Source: Black Things

Her godfather was a criminal

Johnson's father Bumpy Johnson was also known as Godfather of Harlem. He was known to be a notorious criminal and drug trafficker of Harlem, New York. 

His criminal career went on for more than 30 years (1930-until death). In his 62 years of life, he spent about 30 years inside the jail. On July 7 1968 he died suffering from a fatal heart attack and was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery.

Drug addicted mother

Margaret Johnson's mother's name was Elise Johnson. She was a drug abuser and was severely neglected by her parents. After getting into drugs she couldn't get out of it and unfortunately died due to a drug overdose when Margaret was just a child.

The Annie Oakley of Harlem 

Johnson was a retired city bus driver who had a dislocated hip and a ruptured disc when she shot a mugger. On September 6 she was sitting on her notarized wheelchair near her home at Lenox Ave & 133rd St when a man tried to snatch her purse and gold chain. 

When that thief was about to take off, Johnson pulled out her licensed gun and shot that mugger's left elbow. Later, he was caught by police and from there Johnson got her nickname as The Annie Oakley of Harlem.


Johnson has a son whose name is Anthony Hatcher Johnson. He is the lead vocalist of The OAI.

Margret Johnson with her son Anthony.
Margret Johnson with her son Anthony.
Source: Instagram/ @ant_hatcher


Margaret Johnson died at the age of 66 after suffering from congestive heart failure in 1968. According to her son, she suffered a heart attack and had been in a coma until doctors took her off a respirator.

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