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CallMeCarson Girlfriend and Relationship - Being Cheated and Underage Girls

chand Published On Fri Oct 22 2021   Modified On Fri Oct 22 2021
CallMeCarson Girlfriend and Relationship - Being Cheated and Underage Girls

CallMeCarson's former Girlfriend is a twitch streamer and Video creator. He is involved in quite a bit of controversy because of his relationship history.

When you have a lot of followers on social media, some small things can become very big controversies. The same thing happened to his Carsons relationship. 

When it comes to relationships Carson seems to have a very bad history. To know more about Carson's dating life stay with us.

Carson's Former Girlfriend Cheated on Him With Three Other Men

In April 2020, CallMeCarson met his ex-girlfriend, Katerino in a show called Rajjchelor, the purpose of the show was to see if 10 contestants in the race could date the popular influencer.

Carson went to the show and from the 10 contestants, after eliminating one by one he downed it to Katerino. From there they started dating and everything seemed so perfect at first, but it didn't last long. 

On March 12, 2020, Carson announced his break from work due to some personal issues. At the time he had started taking anti-depressants and also had been on a whirlwind of emotions.

Carson's ex-girlfriend Katerino.
Carson's ex-girlfriend Katerino.
Source: Instagram/ @Katerinotv

Later, it was found that he was cheated on by his girlfriend Katerino with Carson's best friend Fitz, her manager, and a YouTuber named IWDominate. It wasn't confirmed until Katerino admitted to it and apologized.

Carson's controversies for dating underage girls

Carson was dating two 17 years old girls when he was 19 years old because of which he got tons of hate. Being a famous twitch streamer with more than 2 million followers, his dating underage girls thing became a very big issue in his career. 

Everyone on social media tried to cancel him because of the issue.

Carson at some market.
Carson at some market.
Source: Instagram/ @callmecarsonyt

Basically in the Lunch club of Twitch streamers and a bunch of his close friends Carson told that he had been sexting underage fans, 3 to 4 months prior. 

But, as of publication, he hasn't spoken publicly about the allegations. Then soon after, a person named sam posted a threat tweet accusing Carson of grooming her and of Pedophilia.

 The conversations included a sexually explicit conversation between the two. Then again on January 5th another girl named Copycat on Twitter allegedly accused Carson of exchanging nude photos when Carson was 20 and Copycat was just 17 years old, on Snapchat.

This issue became a very big controversy as some people thought it was a very big crime whereas, some people find 2 years gap just a normal thing in teenagers. 

The people who thought what, Carson did was normal also got a lot of backlash from other people.

Current Relationship Status

Currently, CallMeCarson is single and trying to learn from his past mistakes. He is more focused on his work and trying to keep a low profile as possible.

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