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Chance Hogan: Everything About Paul Hogan's Son

Abhram Published On Mon Jul 18 2022   Modified On Mon Jul 18 2022
Chance Hogan: Everything About Paul Hogan's Son

Chance Hogan is an Australian-American singer who is best known as the son of comedian, actor, and television presenter Paul Hogan. Chance is the lead vocalist of the LA-based band Rowdy P

Chance Hogan is an American-born celebrity, Hogan was born in Los Angeles. He is the son of Paul Hogan and his second wife Linda Kozlowski. 

Chance Father Paul Hogan was an actor who gained popularity playing the role of Michael in the action-comedy movie series, Crocodile Dundee. But Chance Hogan shows no mood to follow his father's footmark instead of trying to build his career as a singer.

Chance Hogan Birth And His Parents

Chance Hogan was born in the year 1998 in Los Angeles, California. He holds Australian-American nationality and belongs to a Mixed (Australian-American) ethnicity. His zodiac sign is Pisces and he followed the Christian religion.

Chance Hogan's parents thinking to reunite with their troubled son.

Talking about his parents, He is the son of Paul Hogan and his second wife Linda Kozlowski.  Paul met Linda while he was shooting for the movie Crocodile Dundee in 1986, and after that, they started dating. 

Paul and Linda tied the knot in 1990 and were together until they were divorced in 2014. 

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However, Linda was not Paul’s only wife. Paul was married to Noelene Edwards. They got married in  1958 and divorced in 1981, only to remarry a year later. Then they married for the second time in 1982 and has a nasty divorce in 1990 which was initiated in 1986.

After their divorce from his wife Linda, Paul raise Chance Hogan as a single father while Linda was criticized by people for making distance from Chance Hogan.

However, Linda denied this fact and claimed "I am back and forth a lot and spend quite a lot of time in LA with Chance". According to Chance's Mother Linda, it was Chance who himself decided to stay with his father because Paul has a “teen hangout room.” in his house. 

However, they are thinking to reunite their troubled son. 

Chance Has Five Half Siblings 

Chance Hogan's mother was not the first wife of his father Paul Hogan, he was married to Noelene Edwards and the couple were parents to five children; Lauren, Brett, Clay, Scott, and Todd.

One of Paul's sons suffered a stroke in 2017. However, the name of the son remains unknown and Paul fulfilled his father's responsibility and provided his ill son with complete financial, emotional and Parent support.

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Chance Paul Is In The Band 

The son of famous star Paul Hogan, Chance Hogan is the lead vocalist in LA-based band Rowdy P. Chance Hogan refused to follow on his father's footmark who was an actor, Chance was interested in music.

 Chance's passion for music grew along with him, and then he formed a band Rowdy P along with other three members: William Deza (guitar and bass) and Nick Friedman (drums and bass).

Chance Hogan is not only the lead vocalist of this LA-based band but also the songwriter. This LA-based band Rowdy P released their maiden album Dirge in August 2018. Chance Hogan is a bit active on social media and he keeps updating about his band and his teammate's activities on Instagram.

Chance Paul Was A Bit Troubled Youngster; Once Vomitted During A Show 

Chance was caught vomiting outside the venue where his band Rowdy P has just wrapped up their performance in May 2018. Seeing his teenage son Puking is not a good sign for any father and Paul was no different he was hurt seeing the pictures of his son vomiting.

Chance Hogan was spotted vomiting outside the venue where his band was performing.

The Picture which was leaked publicly shows Chance leaning against the wall uncomfortably, Chance also ran his finger through his hair. 

While another image shows, Chance ejecting something from his mouth, Chance just walked away after finishing his 30-minute long concert.

A few of the inside reports also say "It's known to all that Chance is struggling with health over the years and the last thing he wants is to see Chance destroy his life".

The veteran Actor and  Chance Hogan's Father seem very worried about his son and are living in fear that one day he’ll get a call to say something bad’s happened. 

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Chance was also criticized for smoking and also for his alleged obsession with Santan at a very early age which was more stressful to his father Paul Hogan. He was also caught drinking 16 beers on Paul Hogan's balcony.

Chance Paul Was A Satan Worshipper?

Not only drinking and Smoking, but Chance also has some other unwanted labelling to his name as a Satan Worshipper.

Satan posted some troubling pictures in May 2019,  his Instagram post once was full of satanic images. Even a picture of him pulling strange faces and one in which he has an upside-down cross drawn on his forehead. This picture was captioned as: ‘Carving s**t into tables.’ furthermore other pictures displayed the satanic ‘Devil’s number’ 666.

Paul Hogan and his ex-wife, Linda Kozlowski’s son, Chance Hogan in a disturbing look

Chance however denied his allegation of being Satan Worshipper. In an interview, Chance Hogan denied being a satanic devil worshipper' after uploading disturbing photographs online and vomiting in a LA street on Monday. People would often question him, "Hey, you're that Satanist drug-taking nasty man, right?" he added.

Is Chance Hogan Dating?

It's uncertain to say who Chance Hogan is dating presently. In 2016 when the chance was in the news for all the wrong reasons,  he was spotted with his girlfriend in the streets of Los Angeles.

Chance Hogan was spotted with his alleged girlfriend on Los Angeles Street in 2016.

Some media were successful to capture the picture of Chance and his new girlfriend cuddling and walking arm-in-arm. 

Chance always tries to avoid questions regarding his girlfriend and is considered very secretive about his personal life. With no transparency regarding his relationship status, it's difficult to say who Chance Hogan is dating.

Networth Of Chance Hogan And His Father Paul Hogan.

Chance Hogan's father is a famous star of his time and he is moderately rich his net worth is estimated at over $ 20 million. Even when he is in his 80s he is still working and has a handful number of projects on his name.

While Chance Hogan is just in starting phase of his career and it's difficult to predict his net worth but according to some reports his net worth is supposed to be around $1.2 million. And as Chance Hogan's Career is going these number tends to increase. 

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