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Home celebrity Whatever Happened to SNL's Cheri Oteri? 5 Shocking Details Inside

Whatever Happened to SNL's Cheri Oteri? 5 Shocking Details Inside

sammy Published On Wed Mar 03 2021   Modified On Sun May 08 2022
Whatever Happened to SNL's Cheri Oteri? 5 Shocking Details Inside

Cheryl Ann Oteri is an American actress and comedian popular for her work on Saturday Night Live's sketch-comedy show (SNL). Cheryl Ann has Italian ancestry.

Currently, Cheryl Ann is living a lavish lifestyle.

Cheryl Ann Oteri Early life, Parents, Education

Cheryl Ann was born on September 19, 196. she grew up in  Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, and later moved to Los Angeles at the age of 25. She is the daughter of Gaetano Thomas Oteri (father), and her mother is Patrica Bean Oteri.

 Cheryl holds an American nationality and belongs to mixed ethnicity. Cheryl Ann's parents raised her and her siblings Denise, Brian, and Tommy Jr.

Cheryl attended Archbishop Prendergast High School. She might have joined University.

Cheryl Professional Career

In Los Angeles, Cheryl Ann has worked on the promotional side of A&M Records for four years. Similarly, she started her career in the film industry as a part of the comedy group The Groundlings.

 A member of the comedy troupe The Groundlings, she got her place in Saturday Night Live (SNL) as a repertory performer in 1995.

Before Since then, she has been a part of various movies like ‘Scary Movie,’ ‘Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd’ and ‘Shrek the Third' and has been in several magazines. 

She has been a part of interesting TV shows and some of which never saw the light of day, such as ‘Loomis’ (2001), ‘With you in Spirit’ (2003), and 'Stephen’s life (2005). Cheri is also the niece of famous production designer Barbara Pietsch.

After SNL, Oteri chose to primarily work as a voice artist for various gigs, including the popular 2019 Abby Hatcher, Fuzzy Catcher series, where she is the voice of Abby Hatcher. 

Her skill as a voice-over artist in movies like The Ant Bully and Shrek, the Third came to good use in the second innings of her career. 

Besides that, she is also occasionally seen as a guest appearance on popular TV shows and lives off acting in character works. On her Twitter handle, she also credits herself as a writer.

In 2021, she is currently shooting for the comedy series Zen Room. In January, she was seen in SF Sketchfest’s Festpocalypse and George Lucas Talk Show.

Currently, Cheryl has worked in voice acting and performing as a guest in episodes for popular TV. However, she and Rob Hoegee are working on Abby Hatcher, Fuzzy Catcher, an animated TV.

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Cheryl is leading a single life.

As for her personal life prioritizes keeping it under wraps, but she has previously dated actor and SNL regular Alec Baldwin. The relationship didn't last too long, and Baldwin is now happily married to someone else.

Currently, Cheryl is living a single life. She has kept her personal and love life private. 

Social Media Profile

Cheryl Ann is quite active on social media platforms. Similarly, she has been followed by 13.7k followers o her Twitter account and 58k followers on Facebook, where she regularly posts about her current engagements. 

Estimate the Net Worth

Cheri Oteri has an estimated net worth of $2 million, most of which comes from her SNL Stints (1995-2000), where she made $53,000 per year, Movie and TV show appearances, and brand endorsements, and voice-over work. The average salary of an actor is $40,860 in the United States. She receives payments of almost $58,795 per year.

 She came to the face of Fiber One,' a cereal brand, in 2019. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, Cheryl Ann earns $134.25 to $223.75 per sponsor post with an engagement rate of 3.50%.


Cheri Oteri in the commercial for Fiber One cereal brand
Cheri Oteri in the commercial for Fiber One cereal brand


5 Shocking Facts about Cheri Oteri

1. Her father’s murder

Her father and record producer, Gaetano Thomas Oteri, was murdered in 2008 at 69 by his roommate and song-writer Richard Fagan in Nashville. He was wounded on the wrist of his right arm by a pocket knife that belonged to Fagan. Oteri bled to death due to the wound, and Fagan was bailed for $20,000 and was ordered to enter a drug rehabilitation center.

2. Her plastic surgery

Hollywood is quite unsparing to age, and as a result, every other day, we hear of at least one celebrity who has been under the knife. The same was the case for Cheri Oteri, who underwent plastic surgery under the pressure of looking presentable. 

Chery Oteri Before and After her Nose-job. Picture courtesy:
Chery Oteri Before and After her Nose-job. Picture courtesy:

It was an unfortunate incident that the procedure results, the nose job, changed Oteri’s life and career forever. She didn't look like herself, and without her famous face, she lost out on a lot of work. That started the downfall of her career, and she resorted to working as a voice-over artist.

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3. her grandmother inspired SNL character Rita DelVecchio

Perhaps, Oteri was most famous for her roles and appearances on SNL. She created several original characters for SNL, including Laura Zimmerman, Ariana, Adele, Joy Lipton, and Nadeem. One of her characters, Rita DelVecchio, was inspired by her grandmother.

Cheri Oteri as Rita DelVecchio in SNL
Cheri Oteri as Rita DelVecchio in SNL

4. Impressionist and voice over artist 

Her stints on SNL showcased her remarkable talent as an impressionist as she did Ross Perot, Alanis Morissette, Barbara Walters, and Jennifer Lopez. And might we say she was great at her job.

Connie Carmichael, Miss Flap, and Helen Klench are some of the characters she gave her voice to after she quit SNL, besides working in animated films.

5. Lots of awards and accolades

Oteri was once a celebrated and sought-after artist and has been awarded on several occasions for her performances. Several Award events have recognized her talent as a comedian. Some of these are the Primetime Emmy Awards in 2000, Blockbuster Entertainment Awards in 2001, and the Behind the Voice Actors Awards in 2015.

A picture of Cheri Oteri from Rhode Island Film Festival
A picture of Cheri Oteri from Rhode Island Film Festival 

She also won the award for Best Supporting Actress in 2013 for her performance in ‘Bad Parents at the Hoboken International Film Festival.

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