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Chip Hailstone - "Life Below Zero" Cast's Controversial Facts

Avi Published On Mon Aug 09 2021   Modified On Mon Aug 09 2021
Chip Hailstone -  "Life Below Zero" Cast's Controversial Facts

Chip Hailstone is a popular American television star, hunter. He is mainly known for his documentary TV series "Life Below Zero".

Hailstone was born on March 5 1969 in Kalispell, Montana. He and his wife including his whole family were documented on the TV series "Life Below Zero".


Hailstone and his wife were the main cast on " Life Below Zero". he and his wife didn't know that their daily lifestyle could be the main reason for their stardom.

The "Life Below Zero" cast Hailstone is also seasoned in hunting, trapping, fishing, and so on. He was originally born in Kalispell, Montana but later he moved to Noorvik, Alaska in his teenybopper. 


Chip Hailstone with his wife Anges Hailstone
Chip Hailstone and his wife Agnes Hailstone. Source: [email protected] Hailstone

Chip Hailstone is wedded to an Inupiaq blood Agnes Hailstone. The lovely couple got married in 1992. 

They have five beautiful daughters Iriqtaq, Quitan, Caroline, Mary, and Tinmiaq, and two sons Jon and Douglas from Agnes's past relationship with Carter. 

Both of his sons Jon and Douglas are married and are having a substantial married life. 


The main character of "Life Below Zero" was born to Daniel Franklin and Mary Lois Hailstone.

His both parents belong to anglo native North American ancestors. 

Net worth

Chip Hailstone with his grandson
Chip Hailstone with his grandson. Source: [email protected] Hailstone

Chip Hailstone being the main cast on " Life Below Zero" has not only gained a huge fan base but also owns an estimated net worth of $200,000.

Even after estimating a good amount of money he likes to live his regular lifestyle and enjoy with his family. 

Social Media

Talking about his social media he is most active on his Twitter and has more than 600 Followers.

Why was he Jailed?

According to some reliable sources he claimed at the state trooper physically assaulted his daughter Tinmiaq. 

The state troopers later investigated and found that there was no such physical assault and he was found guilty. He also claimed that his neighbor pointed a gun towards his son.

Chip Hailstone was sentenced to jail for 15 months in December 2012. He was also in a probationary period of 3 years. That was the most devastating moment for his family. 

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