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Facts About Christie Mac Campo - Bobby Campo's Model Wife

upesh Published On Mon Jul 26 2021   Modified On Mon Jul 26 2021
Facts About Christie Mac Campo - Bobby Campo's Model Wife

Christie Mac Campo is a model, blogger, and representative for Cocre8.

The skilled hairstylist Mac, gained the spotlight after she was married to the American actor Bobby Campo.

Though Christie gained a lot of fame after her marriage, she has decided not to reveal much to the public eye.

Who is Campo?

Campo is a very successful person by herself, she used to be an American hair model.

Currently, she is pursuing her career as a hairstylist and works for the post of ambassador for the famous organization Cocre8.

The non-profit-oriented organization aims to change the perspective of people by not simply cutting or styling her but by using hair as a part of arts and crafts.

Bobby hugging his wife Christie in their wedding photo shoot from the back
Christie Mac Campo and Bobby Campo in their wedding photoshoot

How it all began?

There is very little information so as to when and how the handsome actor Bobby Campo met his lovely wife Christie Mac Campo.

But they seem to have met at a restaurant in December 2013, from where the couple began their journey towards a beautiful relationship.

After a few years of being with each other, the lovely couple finally decided to tie the knot On March 21, 2015.

The couple exchanged their vows and an official ceremony took place near Venice beach where their friends and family were gathered to witness the joyful event.

The happily married couple did announce their big day through their respective social media accounts, which unfortunately isn't available now. 

Bobby holding his wife Christie in their wedding photo shoot
Christie Mac Campo posing with husband Bobby Campo during their wedding
Source: vergewiki

Net Worth

Due to the secrecy that, Christie has managed, the exact figure of her net worth is still hidden like the treasures in the deep sea.

But her estimated net worth is $20 million, this is because her husband is worth $20 million, which Bobby has managed to accumulate through his acting career.

Since the lovely couple is yet to be blessed with a child, Christie shares her husband Bobby's net worth.

An average hairstylist earns about $29,779 annually, since Christie is also a very passionate hairstylist this also contributes towards their joint net worth.

Christie holding hands with her husband Bobby
Wedding Photo of Christie Mac Campo and Bobby Campo.
source: abtc

Rumors about Christie Mac’s Husband Bobby Campo Being Gay 

It was the year 2013, when the TV series "Masters of Sex", was released, Bobby played a role where he kissed his co-star Finn Eittrock on-screen.

Because of the extraordinary performance that Bobby gave on-screen, people actually doubted his off-screen sexuality.

The rumors started to fly around like wildfire after the TV series aired on television.

The rumors finally came to an end when Bobby posted a picture of his wedding with lovely wife Christie included in a picture(which isn't available now) through his social media.

More Facts about Christie

Christie Mac Campo and her husband Bobby Campo, currently aren't active on any social media so very little is known about the beautiful couple.

Mrs. Campo also has a hobby of writing poetry which could be one of the secrets to their long and joyful relationship.

The former model, Christie also loves to travel with her husband, Bobby by her side.

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