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Actress Claudia Haro - Jailed for Attempted Murder

Avi Published On Sun Oct 31 2021   Modified On Sun Oct 31 2021
Actress Claudia Haro - Jailed for Attempted Murder

Claudia Martha Haro is a talented American actress born in 1967. She is also known as the ex-wife of Joe Pesci and Garrett Warren.

Haro is mainly known for her screenplay in the movie Jimmy Hollywood, Casino, Gone Fishin',  With Honors.

All of her movies were with her ex-husband Joe Pesci except for the movie  Wes Craven's New Nightmare. 


Haro likes to keep her life private and doesn't want to disclose it. She hasn't related her parents' names in any media. 

Marriage with Joe Pesci

Claudia with her late husband
Claudia Haro with her late husband Joe Pesci. Source: Alamy

Claudia Haro was firstly married to Joe Pesci who was an American actor and singer. Unfortunately, her marriage could only last a few years because of the sad demise of her husband. Her relation could only last 4 years from 1988 to 1992.

Marriage with Garrett Warren

Claudia with her ex-husband
Claudia Haro with her ex-husband Garrett Warren. Source: Liverampup

Haro later married Garrett Warren who was a martial artist and fights choreographer in 1998. Their relation could only last 2 years. They were blessed with one child named Kaylie. The custody of their daughter was won by Warren. 

During their relationship, Warren was shot four times where he lost his right eye which was the most horrible thing in his life. 

Net worth

Claudia Haro owns an estimated net worth of $12 million which she estimates from her acting career and many more. 

She is living a lavish life and has earned enough fame.


Claudia Haro's ex-husband Garrett Warren was shot four times and was in serious condition but he managed to survive through life and death situations. Later after many inspections police were able to find the shooter.

The shooter was the brother of Haro where they both were sentenced to jail in December 2005. After that, she spent 23 months in jail and was later bailed out for 1.25 million. She and her brother Hernandez also received 5-year probation. 

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