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Who is Daijah Wright? Untold Facts About Late Eazy-E's Daughter

abhram Published On Tue Aug 09 2022   Modified On Tue Aug 09 2022
Who is Daijah Wright? Untold Facts About Late Eazy-E's Daughter

Daijah Wright is a celebrity kid, she is bleated daughter of late rapper Eazy-E. She is born to her mother Tomica Woods after her father's death

Her late father Eazy-E's original name was Eric Lynn Wright was a rapper, singer, and also founder of Ruthless Records, the record label he founded along with Jerry Heller.

Now, this Ruthless record label is run by the mother of Daijah Wright, Daijah was born six months after the death of her father. Daijah Wright's father Eazy-E died due to HIV/AIDS on March 26, 1995.

Eazy-E was admitted to the hospital on February 24, 1995, and after a month he had his last breath.

Let's find out, How was the early life of Daijah Wright without her father, what she has been doing now, and many more.

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Daijah Wright is the Daughter of Eazy-E

Daijah Wright is the daughter of late rapper Eazy-E. Eazy-E's original name Eric Lynn Wright was an American-born West Coast rapper and label co-founder who was part of the group N.W.A.

The 'Straight Outta Compton' composer, Eazy-E was a high school dropout, who work as a drug dealer for the time being to use the money in founding the Label along with Jerry Heller. 

Daijah Wright's father, Eazy-E

Eazy-E Daughter Daijah Wright too followed her father's foot-step and is a successful rapper and singer. Daijah Wright gains popularity after appearing in the Growing up Hip Hop Atlanta season 3 premiere. 

Daijah Wright's Father Died From HIV/AIDS

Daijah Wright's father Eazy-E was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS just 12 days after he married Tomica Woods. Eazy-E begins to feel the cold as his health condition was deteriorating. 

Eazy-E left his organization and the Lable on her wife Tomica wood's responsibility. 

In Feb 1995, after Eazy was hospitalized for severe respiratory issues, it was learned that the rapper had contracted AIDS. Along with HIV/AIDS, he was also diagnosed with Pneumonia.He made his health-related issue public on March 16.

 After 3 weeks of long-fought battle, Eazy-E had his last breath on March 26, 1995.

Daijah Wright Was Born Six Months After Eazy-E's Death

Tomica Woods and Eazy-E married each other on 14 March 1995. Just 12 days before Eazy-E succumbed to HIV/AIDS. Tomica Woods was pregnant when she tied the knot with rapper Eazy-E. 

Eazy-E had his final breath on March 26, 1995. Tomica Woods was 3 months pregnant when her husband died. Tomica Woods despite going through this tragedy, took care of her and the baby that was inside her womb and gave born to Daijah Wright on 26th September 1995.

Daijah Wright, the daughter of Tomica Woods and Eazy-E was born after 6 months after her father's death.

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Tomica Wright is Daijah Wright's Mom and Eazy-E's Widow

Tomica Wright the owner of the popular brand The Ruthless was born in 1969 in Los Angeles. Tomica Wood in her childhood spent time living with her mother in one place, her father in another, and briefly in a foster home.

Tomica's first meeting with Eazy-E was in a nightclub in 1991. The duo started dating and they got married on March 14, 1995, and just after 12 days from the marriage, Eazy-E died due to HIV/AIDS. 

Tomica was pregnant with Daijah Wright when she married Eazy-E. And gave birth to Daijah after the 6 of her husband's death.

Tomica Wright Raised Daijah as a Single Mother 

Tomica Wright and Eazy-E's relationship commence in 1991 after the duo met in a nightclub. Tomica Wright was pregnant with Eazy-E's baby. The duo tied the knot when Daijah was in Tomica's womb.

Daijah Wright's mother,Tomica Wright.

 But just after 12 days of the Tomica and Eazy-E marriage, Eazy-E died due to HIV/AIDS.Tomica was pregnant and now along with Eazy-E's label, Tomica had the solo responsibility of the baby as well. 

Tomica gave birth to Daijah on 26th September 1996. The publicist Norman Winter said that the baby girl weighed a 7-pound 5-ounce.

Tomica had bigger responsibility to fulfill for the label and the baby. Tomica raised Daijah under her guidance and as a single mother.

Daijah Wright Has a Brother Dominick Wright

Dominic Wright is the elder child of Tomica Wright and Eazy-E and happens to be the elder brother of Daijah Wright. Dominick Wright was born in 1993, 2 years before his father's death. 

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Dominick Wright didn't follow his father's profession of rap music, he opted to be a stuntman and an actor. In 2010's Total Rewrite, Dominick made his acting debut as Derrick Rhodes. Count on Me, The Fairy Prince, Indiewood, and Mistaken are among the movies he has acted in.

Daijah Wright Has 9 Half-Siblings: Eazy-E's Children From His Ex-Girlfriends

The Daughter of Eazy-E, Daijah has only one biological sibling Dominick Wright. Both Daijah and Dominick were born to Tomica woods. 

But Daijah has 9 other half-siblings from her father different partners, Eazy-E's had been involved in many affairs and relationships. 

The Siblings of Daijah Wright

One of her half-brothers Eric Darnell Wright went on his father's footmarks  and is CEO of NWA Enterainment, LLC and also runs the company Compton MoneyGang along with his family members. He is also regarded as Lil Eazy-E.

While one of her sisters Erin Bria Wright is also a successful rapper partner at Eazystreet Entertainment LLC.

Both Erin and Eric are currently working on the TV Docu-Series called A Ruthless Scandal. The project highlights Eazy-E’s untimely death.

The name of the other siblings is Marquise Wright, David Wright, Lil Eazy-E Wright, Ebie Wright, Erica Wright, and Raven Wright.

Daijah Wright's Net Worth

Daijah who is also a rapper like her late father Eazy-E has a net worth of Daijah’s net worth stands at $100,000 in 2022.

Eazy-E children are following in his footsteps and making their careers in the same industry that Eazy-E loved.

Daijah's Mother who is now the CEO of The Ruthless has a net--worth of $5 million dollars.

Father Eazy-E Had Lavish Spending Habits

Daijah's Father Eazy-E had a net worth of $8 million during his death. But one time it was $50 million dollars because at the absolute peak of NWA's success when Ruthless Records was earning approximately $10 million per month on record sales.

But Eazy-E lavishing spending habit causes dips in his net worth. He had a habit of spending a lot on houses, cars, and accessories.

Eazy-E Purchased a Mansion in California for $1.1 million

Eazy-E had the lavish habit of spending a lot, he owned a house in Calabasas, California for $1.1 million in 1991. After his death, the house belongs to his wife Tomica Wood but unfortunately, this house was lost to foreclosure just nine months later.

Eazy E Was a Drug Dealer

Eazy-E was involved in several illegal activities in his early days. One of them was as a Drug Dealer. 

Eazy-E dropped his high school education and became a drug dealer to generate the income to establish the label The Ruthless.

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