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Home celebrity Dajana Cahill: Wanna Know The Networth of Dagana Cahill

Dajana Cahill: Wanna Know The Networth of Dagana Cahill

Gigi Published On Mon Apr 11 2022   Modified On Mon Apr 11 2022
Dajana Cahill: Wanna Know The Networth of Dagana Cahill

Dajana Cahill, aka Dajana, is an acclaimed Australian Actress who is vividly known for her act in the Children's TV series, Mortified. Her presence in Neighbours as Miranda Kelly in a guest role has limelight her career.

Dahana is the company's CEO, Frank Body, which delivers trending cosmetics products, lives a lavish lifestyle in Australia, and enjoys a networth of $1 million- $5 million.

Born and Bred by Australian Parent

Dahana was born on August 4, 1989, in Brisbane, Australia. Her zodiac sign is Leo. Her Australian Father and Australian Mother nourish her. The name of her parent is under the curtain. Dajana has not been exposed to her siblings yet. 

Since there is no information about Dajana's educational background, it is assumed that she may have completed her primary and graduated from her hometown, Australia.

Professional Career of Dajana Cahill

Dajana had a great passion for acting since her childhood and began to work at nine years old. Before fame, Cahill used to take classes at the Film and Television Studio International with coach Craig.

Cahil's Famous Movie

In 2006 Cahill portrayed the role of Layla in the movie  Fry Mortified. In 2008 her act in Sea Patrol as Carly Walsman took away the heart of millions of people. Accordingly, Her role in H2O: Just Add Water as Cindy was allured by many famous directors like Reg Watson. 

Love Life of Dahana

Currently, it is reported that Dahana is living an elegant life with her husband, Jason Hazle, in Melbourne, Australia. Jason is a famous Creative and Production Manager at Workwear Group in Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia.

Husband of Dahana Cahill


The couple shares an inseparable bond and is often spotted in airports as they love traveling in their spare time.

The power couple has two cute children, and Dahana often posts pictures with her children and husband on Instagram, which is cataloged as @dajanabanana.

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Estimated Networth of Dahana Cahill

Dahana lives a luxurious life in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband and children. She enjoys a networth of around $1 to $5 million by 2022. 

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Dahana's famous movie Neighbors has collected $150,157,400 domestically, $120,507,734 internationally and $270,665,134 worldwide. The movie was super fascinating and was released in 3,279 theatres on its first day, March 9 and lumped up $19,574,490.  The movie was allured by many people and lasted in the cinema hall till August 21, March 9, and collected $150,086,800.

Dahana's famous company for skincare products, Frank Body, is expected to earn around $100 million by 2024 as the revenue in 2019 is grown by $25 million and $30 million in E-commerce.

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Physical Appearnce of Dahana

Dahana is a thriving Entrepreneur, and she has become the apple of the pie of millions of fans. Her sparkling blue eyes have captivated many fans. Her brown hair has added a boon to her gesture. 

Cahil stands at the height of 5 feet and 8 inches. Her body shape is slim, and she weighs nearly around 88kg. Cahana's dress size is 4 US. Her slay body measures 34-27-34 inches.

Social Media Presence of Dahana Cahil

Millions of fans allure Dahana because of her magnificent photographs and elegant personality. She has 4551 followers on Instagram, where she is registered as @dajanabanana.