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About Daniel Spenser Levine - Fact Check on Twin Brother

Avi Published On Sat Jul 31 2021   Modified On Sat Jul 31 2021
About Daniel Spenser Levine - Fact Check on Twin Brother

Daniel Spenser Levine was born on December 23, 1986, in Queens, New York, USA. 

He is an American actor, designer, illustrator, comedian, and animator. He is best know for "Better Call Saul" where he was in few episodes. 


The American actor  Levine is best known for his work. He worked in TV series such as "Serial Killer Plates" in 2012.

"I Expected You To Die" was a comedy TV series played in 2013. Levine also worked on comedy TV series called "Monkey Love" in 2014.

He currently works on the television show Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. He also has previously worked for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Adult Swim, and The Onion.

Family & Relationship

Levine likes to put his relation and family matters private but it is confirmed that he is unmarried and single.

Also, Levine has an identical twin brother whose name is Steven Levine.

Levine's brother also played an identical twin role in the series "Better Call Saul".The brothers played the character of two con-artist skateboarders, Lars and Cal.


The American Actor and versatile comedian Daniel Spenser Levine is a high school graduate.

Net worth 

Daniel Spenser Levine in funky look
Daniel Spenser Levine in his shooting. Source: [email protected] Spenser

Reportedly, Daniel Spenser Levine owns an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. He also makes a decent amount of money from his design and animations. He is also a co-founder of the video collective Captain Hippo.


Levine always wants to live a simple life. He likes to portray himself from the work he has done.

 The comedian Levine also likes singing and likes the color Brown and Blue. Not only onscreen but in real life, he is a funny and loving person.

Social Media

Daniel Spenser Levine in stylish look
Daniel Spenser Levine. Source: [email protected] Spenser

Talking about social media Levine is only active on Twitter. Levine has got 4.1k+ following on Twitter. 

He also has his own website where he has given his writing sample. The comedian Levine has sarcastically written his writing sample.

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