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Desmond Styles - "One Direction" Star Harry Styles' Father

chand Published On Fri Sep 24 2021   Modified On Fri Sep 24 2021
Desmond Styles - "One Direction" Star Harry Styles' Father

Desmond Styles is an English man born in England. He is mostly known for being the father of Harry styles who is a famous singer and former band member of One Direction. 

Desmond Style has a great bond with his son Harry styles. There is so much for you to know about Desmond Styles so keep scrolling.

About Desmond

Styles is a British man who was born on 25 October 1957 in the United Kingdom.


Desmond styles flaunting his smile.
Desmond styles flaunting his smile.
Source: Instagram/ @desmondguystyles


Styles has worked for more than 15 years in HFC Bank as an Operational Director. 

He is working as Director at HS consulting, and before he has also worked at Quickdox Limited as Marketing Manager and Sales Manager.


Desmond Styles was married to Anne Cox in the '90s who is a Celebrity mother of Harry styles.

 Desmond Styles with his former wife, children and other relatives.
 Desmond Styles with his former wife, children, and other relatives.
Source: Instagram/ Desmondstyles1


In 2001 Desmond and Anne got divorced due to their personal differences when Harry was just 7 years old and Gemma was just 10 years old. 

Life after Divorce

Even after divorcing Anne, he is still extremely involved in his children's life. He always made time for his kids and has really close bond with both of his children.

Former wife's life after divorce

After divorcing Desmond Styles, Anne Cox got remarried in 2013, to Robin Twist but tragically Robin died in 2017 after suffering from cancer. 

Even if Harry and Gemma weren't his own blood Robin always loved them like his own. Desmond always respected that part of him and when he died he posted a Robins's family picture with the caption " Our thoughts go out to Robin's family...…"


Desmond has a Son and a Daughter. His son Harry Styles is a renowned singer who is a solo singer and is a former band member of a popular boy band called One Direction. And her daughter's name is Gemma Styles who is also involved in the music field as well as in journalism.

Desmond styles with his children Harry and Gemma Styles.
Desmond styles with his children Harry and Gemma Styles.
Source: Instagram/ @desmondstyles1

Son's Career

In 2010 Harry started his musical career from The X-Factor (British). After getting recruited in the boy band 'One Direction' his musical career started flourishing. While he was a member of One Direction which British-Irish Band, his band released more than 105 songs. 

Some of their famous songs are You and I, Perfect, History, Long Way Down, and Night Changes. Even if the band was really popular with a strong fanbase it got disbanded in 2016.

Harry styles with his band members of On Direction
Harry styles with his band members of One Direction
Source: Planet Radio

Currently, he is a solo artist with his popular solo songs like Watermelon Sugar, Kiwi, Sign of the times, and many more.

Son's relationship

Harry Styles has dated celebrity women like Taylor Swift, Nicole Scherzinger, Kendall Jenner, Camille Rowe, and many more. 
Currently, he is dating Olivia Wilde, they went public with their relationship in January 2021. On July 4, 2021, they even went to Italy for a  romantic trip.

Net worth 

Desmond Styles' estimated net worth is $900 thousand. He earns from his career as a Professional operational Director in HS Consultancy. Similarly, his son's estimated net worth is $80 million which he is earning from his successful music career.

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