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Singer Doja Cat’s All Relationship - Admits to Like Both Men and Women

sajju Published On Wed Sep 29 2021   Modified On Wed Sep 29 2021
Singer Doja Cat’s All Relationship - Admits to Like Both Men and Women

Singer Doja Cat is presently living a single and happy life with no relationship issues. In addition to it, she likes both men and women, she would love to date them both.

Apparently, she hasn't given a definitive statement about her sexuality but keeping that thing aside, she has dated guys before and has been rumored to date many public figures during her singing career.

Doja Cat’s current relationship status:

Currently, the Boss Bitch singer Doja Cat is single and not dating anyone. It's good news for all the single guys and girls out there that she isn't committed to anyone at the moment. She has been spending most of her time in music-making and songwriting.

Doja Cat enjoying single life in the pool Source: [email protected]

In other words, we can say that she is focusing on her career and making herself busy making new songs. Therefore, Amala is presently staying single and living a happy time with her family.

Ex-boyfriends & Past Relationships:

You Right rapper Doja Cat was previously dating a celebrity, Johnny Utah aka JAWNY widely known as Jacob Sullenger. According to sources, the former pair met in 2019 during an Instagram live session. 

Doja Cat with her ex-boyfriend, Johnny Utah Source: Very Celeb

They kept commenting on their social media and finally came out as a couple. But sadly, they broke up in February 2020 and moved on. The Kiss Me More singer might have dated other guys too but she didn't mention other boys and has preferred to keep her personal life private.

Rumors about her dating life:

Previously, Cat was rumored to be dating French Montana back in October 2020. They were seen together on a yacht while they were on a vacation. 

However, she cleared out the doubts by tweeting that she was making some music with him and nothing else. Similarly, she also appeared on the TV Show, Dave, after which she was rumored to be dating its host, Lil Dicky.

Doja Cat with French Montana Source: Doja Cat Wiki - Fandom

They happen to match on a dating app and then he showed his parents Doja's photo. It was all a part of the show and nothing serious was cooking between them. 

Likewise, in July 2021, fans made a speculation that she and UK artist, Bree Runway were dating each other. But they are just good friends playing around and joking on social media.

Sexuality and her preferences:

According to her, she likes both men and women. In other words, we can say that she is bisexual but she hasn't given any definitive statement regarding her sexual orientation. 

Doja Cat with Bree Runway Source: Pride

She has revealed her sexuality in the song, Naked in which she raps that she likes bananas and peaches. Moreover, in an interview with Crack magazine, when she was asked what she looks for in an ideal partner she replied saying, "A really big nose".

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