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Dominique Boxley - Music Critic Anthony Fantano's Wife

sunu Published On Sun Jun 13 2021   Modified On Sun Jun 13 2021
Dominique Boxley - Music Critic Anthony Fantano's Wife

Dominique Boxley is an African-American woman best known as the wife of an American music critic and video producer Anthony Fantano. He is a music critic who has been doing music reviews for over a decade now and as well as one of the greatest reviewers of the time.

Anthony is well recognized for his hip hop, rock, and electronic music reviews and he has also earned a nickname, ‘the internet’s busiest music nerd.’ Boxley stands at the height of 5 ft 5 inch/ 165cm and weighs around 55kg/121lbs.

Bio & Early Life:

Boxley gained media attention after her marriage to Anthony Fantano. She is super passionate about music like her husband. Her interest in the field began at a young age and also she grew up listening to music on the radio. 

Dominique is an American citizen who was born and raised in the United States. Unlike her husband,  Dominique is a person who likes to live a lowkey life. She hasn't revealed any information about her birth date or talk about her parents or siblings. 

Talking about her age we can assume that she is probably in her 30s. However, Boxley once stated that she is the youngest in her family. She is a member of the Afro-American ethnicity and is of American nationality.

Married To Anthony Fantano:

Dominique Boxley -with her husband Anthony Fantano/ source:

Dominique Boxley married the Youtuber Anthony Fantano in the mid-2010s. The two decided to keep their matrimonial relationship a closely guarded secret, that's the reason there is no exact date of the wedding ceremony or where was it held.

Dominique is of African-American descent, hence their marriage is an interracial one.

Do They Share Any Children?

The couple has yet to have children despite their long-term relationship. Anthony Fantano's wife gave birth to their baby boy, according to tabloid reports. The allegations, however, were never confirmed.

How Did They Meet Each Other?

Dominique Boxley looking at her husband Anthony Fantano/Source:

The two met for the first time over the internet in 2008. The couple had a great conversation and found out that they shared the same love for music.

Following that, the couple scheduled their first date. Anthony, on the other hand, came half an hour late for their pre-arranged meeting and Boxley had to wait for him for 30 minutes.

And Later, “That was merely a miscommunication,” he subsequently explained. “I had work and I just forgot to notify her when I was going to get out of work,” Fantano continued.

They took their first vacation to Hershey, Pennsylvania. Later, the two went to Las Vegas, where they gambled and won almost $300.

The First Few Years of Their Relationship Were Tough:

The Early Years of Dominique Boxley and her husband Anthony Fantano Relationship Were Tough because they had a family issue and were also struggling financially. They used to live in a cramped New England apartment with the oven as their primary source of heat.

Career & Net Worth: 

The celebrity wife Dominique Boxley's net worth is estimated to be $200,000 whereas her salary is disclosed.

Speaking about her income source, on her online website, she sells her merchandise, and also she owns and operates her own business, through which she makes a respectable living.

On the other hand, Boxley's husband, Anthony Fantano has an estimated net worth of $ 1.5 million. His main Youtube channels, The Needle Drop and Fantano Channel provide the majority of his content.