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Who Is Ella May Clapton? Her Relationship With Singer Father Eric Clapton

Abhram Published On Tue Jun 28 2022   Modified On Tue Jun 28 2022
Who Is Ella May Clapton? Her Relationship With Singer Father Eric Clapton

Ella May Clapton is one of the biological sisters of Julie Rose Clapton. Ella May Clapton is the daughter of Grammy award Eric Clapton and his second wife Melia McEnery. 

Ella's father is a famous singer, vocalist, and song composer and is regarded as one of the most highly influential guitarists of his time while his mother is a social activist who also happens to be a graphic designer.

Ella's father is famous for the songs, Wonderful Tonight, Tears In Heaven, Layla, I Shot The Sheriff, Cocaine, Change The World, and others. Ella's father has gained the 67th spot on the list prepared by The Rising Stones for the top 100 greatest artists.

Ella's life journey so far has been a roller coaster ride full of fun and entertainment if going by her social media handles. Let's have a look at her family member, her life journey, her lineage, and more. 

Ella May Clapton Early Life, Her Parents And More

Ella May Clapton was born on June 13, 2001. Ella's Parents share a different origin, Eric Clapton is a native of Ripley, Surrey, England while her mother is of Scottish-English and Korean-Irish. Ella called herself a native of Guildford, Surrey, England.

Tears In Heaven singer, Eric Clapton and his wife, Melia McEnery’s daughter, Ella May Clapton

Her grandfather, Edward Walter Fryer was a soldier from Montreal Quebec while her maternal grandfather was a construction worker. Ella moves to Cranleigh and had schooling at Cranleigh School which is one of the public schools in Surrey, England.

Eric first met Ella's Mom while he was working on an album with BB King in Los Angeles in 1999 and her mother Melia McEnery was an organizer for an apparel company, Giorgio Armani.

The closeness between the musician Eric and graphic designer Melia was increasing and it was none other than Giorgio Armani who reported to Melia's Parents about this.

Ella May Clapton Parents, Eric Clapton and Melia McEnery

Melia's parents order strictly not to go on date with Eric, but going against the decision the duo decided to go for a date. However, this relationship didn't last long and the happy couple broke up. 

But  Melia was 6 months pregnant with a child when Eric broke up with her. So for the betterment of the child's future, they unite together and married with each other on New Year's Day. 

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Melia gave birth to Eric's first daughter Julie in 2001, Ella who was the second daughter born in 2003, and their third daughter Sophie born in 2005.

Ella's Mother Melia Is A Social Worker

Ella's Mom Melia is a graphic designer by a profession. She was a graphic artist and organizer for the renowned company when she meet Eric for the first time in 1999 in Los Angeles. 

However keeping her qualification aside, Melai is now running a charitable trust. She has a foundation that use music to raise awareness for different addiction, the foundation is named Turn Up For Recovery. She is also associated with Crossroads Centre Antigua as a senior advisor.

Siblings Of Ella May Clapton 

Ella is the second child of her parents, Eric and Melia. She has an elder sister Julie Rose Clapton and a younger sister Sophie Clapton.

Ella's mother was not the first wife of Eric Clapton, he was first married to Pattie Boyd who was the wife of his close friend. Eric and Pattie tried a lot but they didn't have a child, they even took the help of science but a miscarriage occurs.

from left, Melia, Ella, Sophie (down), Ruth, and Julie.

Eric Clapton had an affair with Yvonne Kelly. Eric and Kelly are parents to a daughter Ruth Kelly. Ella's half-sister Ruth kelly is following in her father's footsteps. She is a singer who is dwelling in New York.

Death Of Ella 4-Year-Old Brother

In Addition, While Eric was married to his first wife Pattie he had an affair with Italian model Lory Del Santo and they share a son Conor Clapton.

Ella half brother Conor had a horrible death after falling from the 53rd floor of a building in New York.

It is said that the Grammy award winner promises Conor to take out him to a Zoo and an Italian Restaurant, just a day before this tragedy happened.

On the day on which this incident happened, Conor was waiting for his dad Eric who promised him a day out. The 4-year-old kid was running on the 53rd floor where the Janitor was working on the windows of the bedroom but unfortunately, one window was left open. 

Conor had a habit of rubbing his nose on the glass of the window to glaze out and on attempting to do the same, he succumbed to death.

The broken father in the memory of his son penned a song called Tears In Heaven. 

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Does Ella Have A Boyfriend? 

Ella like all other youngsters these days had a social media addiction and loves to share everything that happens around them. However, she had kept her personal life private.

There is not even a slit hint of whether the daughter of the famous musician and vocalist is in a relationship or not. 

Her elder sister Julie posted a picture in which she was found locking lips with a girl, Chloe Gardner from which one can assume or say Julie might be a lesbian/bisexual. As the picture was so hot to raise the temperature.

But there is no such scenario in Ella's case where anyone can guess her relationship status. Ella might be behind with her elder sister Julie in this case but is on par with her sister when it comes to roaming, traveling, and hanging out with her friends.

Ella Clapton posing with her car

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Is Ella May Clapton An Anti-Vaxxer? 

Eric Clapton was a popular singer and vocalist but he was also in the headline for criticizing the Covid-19 vaccine safety terms. 

Eric claims about the side effect of the vaccine after having the Oxford University-made AstraZeneca Vaccine in 2021. Eric also claimed he lost some of his friends because of the vaccine in an interview with the NY Post. 

He soon became an anti-vaxxer and refused to do any show that has mandatory vaccination.

The way Eric raised the question of vaccine safety , people wonder if it was only Eric or if none of his family members had taken a vaccine dose.

Eric failed to convince his wife and daughters not to take the job, as they don't have to suffer any side effects and his family including Ella took the jab.


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