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Late Eric Hartter - Whitney Scott Mathers' Father Who Sued Eminem

chand Published On Wed Nov 03 2021   Modified On Wed Nov 03 2021
Late Eric Hartter - Whitney Scott Mathers' Father Who Sued Eminem

Eric Hartter is known to be the late biological father of Whitney Scott Mather who is the adopted daughter of notable American rapper Eminem.

He was a young American Tattoo artist. To know more about late Eric Hartter stays with us.

About Eric

Hartter was born in 1980 in the USA to his mother Marie Hatter. He almost lived all of his life in America.

Eric Hatter.
Eric Hatter.
Source: we remember

Didn't Had his own Daughter's Custody

Eric Hartter was in a rough relationship with Kim when they had Whitney. Hatter was known to be an irresponsible father as he was not given custody of his own daughter. 

His former girlfriend Kim restricted him from seeing his daughter because he was a bad father who couldn't even look after himself.

Eric's biological child, Whitney Scott Mathers.
Eric's biological child, Whitney Scott Mathers.
Source: Instagram/ @stanistheone

Hartter and his mother sued Eminem for not letting Hartter see and meet his daughter. But unfortunately, Hartter lost the lawsuit as he was an unsuitable parent for her child because of his bad drug history.

His biological daughter was raised by Eminem from the age of three. No matter how many times he tried to meet his daughter he couldn't meet her.

His daughter had a great life

Whitney had a great life as she was raised with very much love and care by her adopted father Eminem. She was raised with her other two sisters so she never felt alone throughout her life. She is very close to her adopted father and her sisters.

His daughter was unaware of who he was

His daughter was unaware, that Hatter was his biological father because she was raised by Eminem as his own daughter since she was a little child. Whitney got to know that Eminem wasn't her biological father only when she was a grown-up adult. Even the news of her biological father's death was found out by her through other people.

Bad history

Hatter was involved in drugs and other bad things. He was doing great in his career as a Tattoo artist but when he became addicted to drugs he couldn't get out of the addiction. He was often involved in false testimony, resisting arrest, drugs dealings, and drug abuse.

Relationship with Kim 

Eric Hartter was in a relationship with Kimberly Anne Scott aka Kim Scott who is also known as the former wife of Eminem. After Kim's first divorce from Eminem, Hartter and Scott were in a relationship from which they were blessed with a beautiful daughter named Whitney in 2002. 

Hartter and Scott's relationship didn't work out for long as both of them were drug abusers, and soon after their daughter's birth, they got separated.


Eric Hartter had an estimated net worth of around $250,000. He was one of the talented tattooists in the USA. 


In 2020, Eric lost his life to Drugs in an abandoned house in Detroit. He was announced dead on the spot. The cause of his death was a drug overdose.

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