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Home celebrity Is George Janko still Dating his beautiful girlfriend Alison Holton?

Is George Janko still Dating his beautiful girlfriend Alison Holton?

captain Published On Mon Apr 04 2022   Modified On Tue Apr 05 2022
Is George Janko still Dating his beautiful girlfriend Alison Holton?

George Janko, aka George Dogan Piker, is a social media influencer, recording artist and Vine star. Janko is prominent for his debut album, Without Fame. He is also famous for his work on the eminent television channel Nickelodeon for the series Nicky, Dicky, Ricky and Dawn. 

Janko's recent performance in Flying High, Follow Me in 2020 and Back to Lyla in 2022 is allured and praised by millions of people.

Born to an American Parent 

George Janko was born on 3 January 1993 in Arizona, the United States. George was raised by his parents, and his birth sign is Capricorn. Mother Caroline nourishes him. There is no more details about George's father to publish yet. George's ancestors were Syrian. It is believed that Janko has one little sister, but her name is also not available on the internet. 

Janko completed his primary schooling at Rock Hill High School. Later on, he completed his high school in the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Science. 

Professional Career of Janko

Janko started his journey as a videographer at a very early age. He collaborated with Jake Paul and Logan Paul to produce his Vine videos which added more boons to his career. In 2014, Janko initiated his career in Bell Channel, which had 550k followers. 

Janko released his first album titled Without Fame and worked with various eminent personalities like Amanda Cerny, Dolan Twins, Anwar Jibawi KMAC and Matthew.

Janko also appeared in movies like Back to Lyla in 2020 and Overthinking with Kat, Overthinking and June in 2016. His act was considered by many famous directors like Quentin Tarantino, Billy Wilder and many more. 

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Moreover, Janko also appeared in many captivating TV series like NCIS: Los Angeles as Juda Ayari, Betch as Douche 4, Andi Mack as Ricky and The Donors as Matthias in 2019. George knocked down many fans through his act in Love Daily as Boss, Lele Pons and Hannah stocking.

Does Janko Have Girlfriend?

According to research, it is reported that George is quite fond of girls and has dated many American actresses.

George Janco With his Girlfriend 

Previously George was hooking up with Alison Holton, a prominent Columbia model. George used to make romantic and exciting videos with his ex-girlfriend, Alison. Many people on Youtube allured it. Due to personal inconvenience, the relationship did not last long, and they finally broke up.

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Again the seed of romance and love grows in George's heart when Janko meets Shawna Della - Ricca in Gym. The nature of Janko and Ricca shrinks when they first shake their hands. Janko started hooking up with the famous Canadian actress and Social Media Influencer. Janko is spending his love life elegantly.  

The Estimated Net worth of Janko

The famous social media influencer lives a splendid life in Arizona with his family. Janko owns Ferrari and loves to go on rides with his girlfriend, Ricca. According to 2022, his salary was $50,000, and he had a net worth of $600 thousand(2022). Looking back to the previous net worth, Janko had made tremendous growth. In 2018, His networth was $300k. In 2019 it sped up to $360k. In 2020, it grew to $400k, and in 2021, it enlarged to $500k.

George Janco With his Car

Apart from recording albums and writing songs Dogan makes massive money from endorsing the famous brand McDonald's and Bubba Town Clothing, and Guess.

His famous movie Follow Me has made $179,182 on opening weekend in the US and Canada, $4,303,832 in gross worldwide.

Physical Appearance of Janko

George Janko is a famous Vine star who has dashing dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Janko has thick eyebrows, and he maintains a brushed-up hairstyle and a complete beard look. George weighs nearly 70kg and stands at 5 feet and 9 inches.