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Ike Turner Jr: Untold Facts About Ike Turner’s Son

tp-admin Published On Tue Jan 30 2024   Modified On Mon Jan 29 2024
Ike Turner Jr: Untold Facts About Ike Turner’s Son

Ike Turner Jr. is a singer who received a Grammy Award for his 2006 album Risin’ with the Blues. He is the son of late musician Ike Turner who died of a drug overdose on December 12, 2007. Being the son of Ike Turner, Turner Jr. has been in media attention since his birth. Due to insufficient guidance, he couldn’t able to grab a proper higher education. Turner Jr. didn’t have a good relationship with his father. Keep reading to know more interesting facts about Ike Turner’s son.

Ike Turner Jr. is Ike Turner’s Son

Ike Turner Jr. was born in 1958 to his father, Ike Turner, and his mother, Lorraine Taylor. He grew up with his brother, Michael Turner, who is two years younger than him. Ike Jr. found himself alone due to his father’s so up-and-down relationships with women. Turner Jr. didn’t share a good relationship with his father. His father pulled him out of schooling very early which is why Turner Jr. didn’t get a proper education. His dad forced him to work instead of sending him to school.

 Ike Turner Jr. with his father Ike Turner

Ike Turner Jr. with his father Ike TurnerTurner Jr. was raised along with his five half-siblings, half-brother, Ronald Turner, and half-sisters; Mia Turner, and Twanna Melby Turner.

Who is Ike Turner Jr.’s Mother?

Lorraine Taylor is the mother of Ike Turner Jr. His father reportedly had married more than four times in his life. Edna Dean Stewart is reported to be his first wife. Turner and Stewart tied the knot in 1948. He was only 16 years old at the time. Following his divorce from Stewart, Turner married Velma Davis, but they also parted ways later. Due to some reason, their marriage also didn’t last long.

Subsequently, Ike Turner exchanged wedding vows with Rosa Lee Sane, Marion Louis Lee (Bonnie Turner), Alice Bell, Annie Mae, and so on. Out of his so many wives, Lorraine Taylor was one special. It’s unclear when the two married. What we know is their relationship didn’t last long, and they got a divorce after few years of marriage. The two welcomed two adorable children, including Ike Jr.

He Has a Brother, Michael Turner

Turner Jr. grew up alongside his biological brother, Michael Turner. Ike Jr. built up his interest in music as he followed father’s footsteps. His brother, Michael has also been worried about Jr.’s career. Their father was not so supportive of their careers as he was bonded with a lot of drug addictions.

During an interview with Dailymail recently, Turner Jr. stated about his brother which says:

Michael is in a convalescent home in Southern California and needs medical support. I’ve been to see him quite a few times. He’s doing great.

As per reports, Turner and Tina couldn’t raise their children with better parenthood. In many interviews, Jr. has told of raising by housekeepers as their parents never provided whatever is needed for a child.

His Father Hit Him with a Pistol

Turner Jr. never had a good relationship with his father. His father stopped his schooling so that he could help him run his recording studio. Explaining this Ike Jr. told:

My father took me out of school at 13. I ended up running his recording studio, plus going on the road with them. They made a lot of money on tour and my father used to make me count it until my hands were grey.

Although Jr.’s father was making rough money, he hardly could manage his personal life. After having a lot of fights with his wife Tina Turner, he decided to part way with her.  During the time Turner Jr. used to work as Tina’s sound engineer. Jr. disclosed:

When my mother and father separated, he did not want me working with her – and he beat me in the head with a nickel-plated .45 pistol.

Well, Ike Jr.’s father didn’t like him working with Tina. As a result, he used to punish him by hitting him with a pistol.

Ike Turner’s Abusive Relationship with Tina Turner

Ike Turner married a lot of times in his lifespan. He was previously also married to Swiss singer Tina Turner. The pair had an abusive relationship. It’s been revealed that Turner used to harass Tina which is why she filed for divorce from him. Turner reportedly once punched Tina in her face.

Ike Turner Jr’s dad with his wife Tina Turner

In her biography, Tina writes:

It was my relationship with Ike that made me most unhappy. At first, I had really been in love with him. Look what he’d done for me. But he was totally unpredictable.

Turnr and Tina tied the knot in 1962 and officially ended their marriage in 1986.


Ike Turner’s Final Wife Audrey Madison

Following the divorce, Turner married Margaret Ann Thomas in 1981 but their marital relationship didn’t last long and they officially parted ways in 1990. Meanwhile, Turner walked down the aisle with a new husband singer Jeanette Bazzell who is a singer. As per the report, Turner Jr. helped her marry Bazzell. Unfortunately, the marriage ended with a divorce in 2000.

Turner with his last wife Audrey Madison

Ike Turner then married a native singer of San Francisco, Audrey Madison. The two tied the knot on October 8 2006 at a Special Memory Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. Audrey Madison Turner was his last wife; the couple lived together until Turner died on December 12, 2007.

Ike Turner Jr’s Dad Was Arrested Multiple Times

Ike Turner Jr.’s dad was very good at creating problems, however, bad at handling situations. Before the age of 30, father Ike never put his steps toward drugs and alcohol. In the year 1974, he was first charged for using illegal blue boxes at Bolic Sound Studio.

More than this, Ike went to jail multiple times, mostly for the charges of drugs. He was first sentenced to thirty days after a SWAT team found a live hand grenade and seven grams of cocaine. Subsequently, he was arrested for accusing a newspaper delivery man in 1981.

He then was charged for selling $16,000 worth of cocaine and was released on a $5,000 bond. After a couple of years, he again was arrested for driving under the influence of cocaine and was sentenced to jail for four years in 1990. After a year, he was released under parole.

Tina Turner Raised Ike Turner Jr.

Ike Turner Jr. was born to his mother Lorraine, however, was raised by his step-mother, Tina Turner, an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Jr. stayed with Tina from the age of two and worked along with his parents. He told daily mail about his step-mother stating:

Tina raised me from the age of two. She’s the only mother I’ve ever known, But I haven’t talked to my mother since God knows when – probably around 2000. I don’t think any of my brothers have talked to her in a long time either.

Turner Jr. never got to spend a worthy childhood as his parents used to spend very less time with their children.

Turner Jr’s Dad Died of Cocaine Overdose

Ike Turner Jr.’s father had no drug involvement before the age of 30. Later, he started using drugs, especially cocaine. He also created headlines in the media after being arrested multiple times in conviction for drug use.

Before dying of a drug overdose, father Ike was diagnosed with emphysema. He was found dead of a drug overdose in his home in California on 12 December 2007. At the time of his death, he was 76 years old. As per his autopsy report, he used to take Seroquel, an atypical antipsychotic medicine.

Ike Turner Jr. Has Four Half-Siblings

Ike Turner Jr. was raised with his biological brother, Michael Turner but he also has four half-siblings. His half-brother, Ronald “Ronnie” Turner, was born in 1960 to his step-mother, Tina Turner. Tina also had a son, Craig Turner with Raymond Hill, an American tenor saxophonist, and singer. Later, Turner adopted Craig and gave him his surname. Back in 2018, Craige died in an apparent suicide. Although Jr. was not raised alongside his half-siblings, he currently shares a smooth relationship with all of them. Moreover, Turner Jr. has two half-sisters, Mia Turner and Twanna Melby Turner from his dad’s previous relationships.

Ike Turner Jr is an Actor and Musician

Ike Turner Jr. decided to pursue his career as a musician as he worked with his parents in the same field from his early years. He grabbed knowledge about musical instruments during his work in his parent’s band. Continuing his music career, he released an album, Hard Labor in 1987.

Turner Jr.’s work in his father’s 2006 album, Risin’ with the Blues helped him hold a Grammy Award. He worked on various musical platforms and made The Love Thang band debut in 2017 with a single, Freaky! alongside Sweet Randi Love. Recently, he announced of working in a movie Ike Turner as an actor and producer.

Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Turner Jr. has kept his personal life under the curtains. He has been working in the music industry since his early years. Still, he has not provided any concrete information about his relationships or marital status.

Jr. likes to keep his personal information out of the media. It is still unclear whether he has a wife or not. So far, he is not involved in any rumours of dating a girl. He is not so present on any social media profiles which reflects how privately he is living his life.

Ike Turner Jr. Net Worth

Ike Turner Jr. has accumulated a quite good sum out of his career. His current net worth is $500,000, according to Celebrity Net Worth. It is reported that his father spent $11 Million on cocaine. Since Jr. has not disclosed all of his income sources, it’s hard to talk about his premises.

Other than this, his stepmother, Tina has accumulated a net worth of $250 Million. Whenever there are obstacles in the Turner family, his stepmother helps her children with money. Well, Jr. might own several branded cars and houses. So far, he has kept his property details under the key.