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Ike Turner's Son Ike Turner Jr's Bad Relationship with Late Father: Net Worth & Children

Abhram Published On Wed Jul 27 2022   Modified On Wed Jul 27 2022
Ike Turner's Son Ike Turner Jr's Bad Relationship with Late Father: Net Worth & Children

Ike Turner Jr. is the son of one of the most popular producers and legendary singers late, Ike Turner. Ike turner's professional career has been full of achievements and awards, whereas his personal life has been disturbing because of his violent nature.

Ike Turner jr. is born to Ike Turner and Lorraine Taylor. Ike Turner Jr. didn't get enough time to spend with their parents. Ike Turner, after his divorce from Lorraine Taylor, married Tina Turner after being in a relationship for a while. Tina Turner adopted Ika Turner. Ike Turner was the father of 6 children from 4 different partners.

Ike Turner was raised by his stepmother Tina Turner and his biological brother Michael Turner.

Let's explore the life of Ike Turner Jr, how he grew up, and how his parent's relationships and his net worth were. Also, let's find out his relationship status and explain how his father, Ike Turned, died.

Ike Turner Jr. is Ike Turner's Son

Ike Turner Jr is the son of the legendary singer Ike Turner; Ike Turner followed the footstep of his father and established himself in the music industry. The Junior Ike Turner was born in 1958 to a parent, Lorraine Taylor and Ike Turner.

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Ike Turner and Lorraine Turner parted away just a couple of years after Ike Turner's birth. Ike Turner jr didn't get the love of his mother as much as he should have gotten. 

Ike Turner Jr. With His Father As He Receives a Grammy Award

Soon after being separated from Lorraine Turner, Ike Turner married Tina Turner in 1962. Tina Turner, another big name in the industry, adopted Ike Turner jr and Ike Turner Jr, then went to live with his new mom and dad, Ike Turner.

Who is Ike Turner Jr Mother, Lorraine Taylor?

The rumoured wife of Ike Turner belongs to St. Luis. Ike Turner had been married multiple times before starting a relationship with Lorraine Taylor. Lorraine Taylor belongs to St.Louis, where her parent-owned Taylor Sausage Factory.

The duo was rumoured to be married, but nothing was confirmed, and the intimate relationship of the team resulted in being parents to two kids, Ike Turner Jr and Michael Turner. 

Ika Turner and Lorraine trailer hooked up in 1956 and was married the same year; as per rumour, 1958, Ika Turner Jr was born. After a year, things didn't go right, and the Couple divorced and broke up in 1961.

Ika Turner soon married Tina Turner, and Tina Turner raised Ika Turner's son, Ika Turner Junior.

Ika Turner Jr. Parents, Ika Turner and Tina Turner

Ika Turner Jr., while talking about his mother in an interview, said, 

'Tina raised me from the age of two. She's the only mother I've ever known,' the musician told The Mail on Sunday. 'But I haven't spoken to my mum in years, maybe since around 2000. I doubt any of my brothers have spoken to her in a long time.

Ike Turner Jr. Siblings

Ike Turner, despite being rude and violent, was the father of six children. Ika Turner claimed to have been married fourteen times. 

Michael Turner is the biological brother of Ike Turner. In contrast, his other half-sibling from his father's different parents is Ronald "Ronnie" Turner from Tina Turner, daughters Mia Turner with Ann Thomas, and Twanna Melby Turner with Pat Richard.

 Turner adopted Tina's son Craig Turner with Raymond Hill. Bu Craig died in an apparent suicide in 2018. 

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While Ronnie is a successful actor and musician like him, his half-sister Mia is an entrepreneur and Ika Turner Jr shares a great bonding with his siblings.

Turner siblings share great vibes and are often spotted together in public, 

But Tina Turner the one who raised Ika turner has been contactless with her children. Ika Turner jr in an interview in which he said earlier he and his siblings haven't talked with Tina for a long also said, 

‘My mother is living her life – she has a new husband and she’s in Europe. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with the past.’

Ike Turner Jr Hit Dad IkeTurner with a Pistol

While Ronnie, like him, is a successful actor and musician, his half-sister Mia is an entrepreneur. And Ika Turner Jr shares a great bonding with his siblings.

Turner siblings share great vibes and are often spotted together in public, 

But Tina Turner, who raised Ika turner, has been contactless with her children. Ika Turner jr, in an interview in which he said earlier he and his siblings haven't talked with Tina for a long also said, 

''My mother Tina is living her life of her own with her new partner, and they are in Europe. And She has no interest in remembering anything from the past.''

Ike Turner Jr Hit Dad IkeTurner with a Pistol

Ike Turner, the father Ike Turner, had a short temper and often got angry. The senior and Junior Ike Turner didn't share a good relationship.

Ike Turner Junior was forced to leave his school at 13 by his father, who compelled him to work with him. Because of their involvement in work, Tina and Ike Turner gained a good net worth at that time.

On asked about the father's violence, The Jr. Ike Turner replied 

"My parents had no more fights than those next to you. I believe their issue was her and his mouths - my father never took trash from anyone".

Ike Tuner Jr. also admits that his mother, Tina, and father, Ike Turner, are perpetually absent parents.

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Ike Turner jr went on a road tour with his parents where his father made a lot of money which Ike Turner was forced to count until his hand turned grey. 

Ike Turner, at that time, was quite rich; his net worth was $500,000. Having such a net worth at that time was not an easy task. 

Ike Turner Jr father was a druggist who was also one of the reasons behind Ike Turner being Violent. When he was 13, his father took him out of school and allegedly forced him to work for him.

Later, after divorcing Tina, he shot him in the head with a nickel-plated. 45 pistol since he worked as Tina's sound engineer but abandoned him while he was still alive.

As discussed earlier, Ike Turner Jr parents went 11 months out of a year, and Hence Ike Turner and his other siblings were raised by housekeepers. During this time, Ike Turner faced many horrible incidents, and this period was like a nightmare for him.

Beside Tolerating the violence of his dad and forgetting all the tortures, Ike Tourner Jr made peace with his father as he grew up and also had immense respect for him.

Ike Turner Jr Father Married Twice After Lorraine Taylor's Divorce

Ike Turner Jr.'s father, Ika Turner himself, claimed to have been married 14 times. When asked about this, he replied,

He said about his early marriages: "You gave a priest $2, and we paid $3 for the papers. Divorces were uncommon among blacks at the time.

Ika Turner used to get married just like having fun; he married another girl before divorcing the existing wife.

Barring Tina Turner, none of his wives was famous. Ika Turner married Lorraine Turner in 1956, but the rumour was the Couple was in a live-in relationship. Ika and Lorraine gave birth to a son Ika Turner Jr in 1958 and later again had a son named Michael Turner. Lorraine separated from Ika soon after the inception in 1961

Soon after his divorce, Ika Turner married Tina Turner, a famous singer, in 1962. Tina Turner could t bear the torture given by Ika Turner. Ika Turner was too violent. Ika Turner abused Tina Turner physically, and fed up with the suffering, Ika Turner divorced him in 1978.

Later after a few years, Turner married Margaret Ann Thomas in Las Vegas on April 11, 1981. Tina suggested Ann step in as an Ikette because, despite her inability to sing, she was attractive. They met in the mid-1960s. Ika Turner said, 

"I do love Tina, but I was in love with Ann Thomas

The Couple divorced in 1990. 

In 1988, Turner's son Ike Turner Jr. introduced him to vocalist Jeanette Bazzell, a native of St. Louis. She eventually took over as his lead singer, and on July 4, 1995, they were wed in a small ceremony at Circus Circus Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas. 

The duo divorced in 2001, but they resumed their friendship a year after their divorce.

Ika Turner Junior Is an Actor and Musician

Ika Turner Jr. didn't like his dad in his early days, but as he grew up, he settled the odds with his dad and started respecting his father, Ika Turner.

Turner was regarded as a rock music pioneer, but his legal troubles and messy marriage with R&B singer Tina Turner overshadowed his artistic achievements.

Ike Jr. With Sweet Randi Love And His Band Members During The Release of Freaky!

Ika Turner Jr went to follow his father's footmarks and slowly began to show an interest in music from a very young age. He started playing musical instruments at the age of 13. He works as a sound engineer for his stepmother Tina Turner.

Ika Turner Jr. released the album Hard Labor in 1987. Ika Turner son, Junior Ika Turner, received a Grammy award for his work in his father's 2006 album Risin' with the Blues.

Grammy Award winner Ika Turner has debuted his band named "The Love Thang" along with Sweet Randi Love, releasing their single Freaky!

Like his father, who was also a producer, Ika Turner Jr to announced a movie titled Ika Turner, which will be produced by himself, and he will be playing the lead role.

Ike Turner Jr. Marriage, Wife, Children

Ika Turner Jr. has kept his personal life away from the media and public attention. 

Although he is a big name in this music industry and for the personality he possesses is the talk of the town. But somehow, Ika Turner Jr. has managed to maintain a handful distance to keep his personal life away from media attention.

No one knows about his relationship status, whether he has a girlfriend or is married or not. He kept his relationship status under the radar. 

It's obvious that when one doesn't know about his relationship status, they will neither have an idea about his children. He has neither girlfriends nor children.

Ika Turner jr. Father Death

Ika Turner Jr father, Ika Turner, has early vibes of his death. Just a few days later of his death, i.e. December 10, December 10 2007, he told Falina Rasool that he might not be alive until Christmas as he believed he was dying.

On December 12, 12, he was found dead at his San Marcos, California home. He was found dead by his ex-wife Ann Thomas; Rasool was also present there. He was declared dead at 11.38 am.

Ika Turner dies at the age of 76.

Scene from Ika Turner's Funeral

After the medical examination, it was found that his death was an overdose of cocaine. Ika Turner was a druggist who consumed too much of it, resulting in his death.

According to the medical examiner, an autopsy revealed that Turner's death and cocaine toxicity were caused by a long history of cardiovascular disease and emphysema.

Ika Turner Jr. Is Not On Social Media

Ike Jr. does not appear to be a social media user, in contrast to most celebrities. He isn't using any social media sites as of 2021, not even Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Ika Turner Jr. Networth, How Rich was his Father Ika Turner

Ika Turner Jr.'s Father's net worth at his death was estimated as $500 Thousand. While her stepmother adopted him, Tina Turner has a net worth of $250 million. Tina was a bigger star than Ika Turner. 

While the Grammy award winner Ika Turner Jr. who is also an actor and producer has a net worth of over $5 million.

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