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Home celebrity Jacqueline Ray - Tom Selleck's Ex-Wife Who is Doing Jail Time For Hiring Hitman

Jacqueline Ray - Tom Selleck's Ex-Wife Who is Doing Jail Time For Hiring Hitman

upesh Published On Wed Aug 11 2021   Modified On Wed Aug 11 2021
Jacqueline Ray - Tom Selleck's Ex-Wife Who is Doing Jail Time For Hiring Hitman

Jacqueline Ray is one of the most beautiful models and successful actors of her time.

The American model is best known for her acting skills in movies and various TV series like Magnum, P.I., The Killings at Outpost Zeta, Unfabulous, and many more.

Mrs. Ray has also accumulated fame as the first wife of  Tom Selleck.

Quick Facts

Full Name                                     Jacqueline Mary Ray                           Date of Birth                 17th July 1952             
Birth PlaceBurbank, CaliforniaHeight5"7 ft.
Weight55 kgEye color Blue
Hair colorDark BrownGay/LesbianStraight 
ProfessionFormer Actress/ModelNet Worth$ 5 million

Who is Jacqueline Ray? 

The beautiful ex-model Ray was born on 17th July 1952, in the neighborhood of Burbank, California.

Jacqueline is the best to know for her debut in many movies and TV series, her first hit was in a 1967 film called In the Flint.

Despite the fact that she hasn't even graduated from any college her performance in moves was extraordinary and she gained fame and success alike through her skills.

Early Life and Career

Mrs. Ray's early life information is not available on the world wide web as she is one of the successful ones to hide from the limelight.

However, we do know she spent the majority of her childhood in California where she enjoyed one of the early life bliss of going to high school.

Her's career path began in the early 1960s through modeling and acting, she finally made her first debut in the 1967 film In the Flint.

The talented actress's fabulous performance in the movie opened her doors to Hollywood where she landed another 1980's film called "The Killings at Outpost Zeta."

After that movie, however, she didn't appear much in lead roles for about 25 years. 

She only appeared later on in Unfabulous, an American Teen Marathon Sitcom in 2006, and in 2007 appeared in Unfabulous: Ever Best Trip, which is the sequel of the first part.

Jacqueline Ray smiling
Jacqueline Ray smiling
Source: veryceleb

Personal Life

Jacqueline Ray has been married three times, her first husband's name was Shepherd, his full name is still a mystery, what's known however is that the couple had a son named Kevin.

On May 15, 1971, the American model married her second husband Tom Selleck, who is a famous actor and producer.

The lovely couple decided to adopt their first son who they named Kevin Selleck who was formerly known as Kevin S. Shepard.

Though the couple was happily married Jacqueline did not like how her husband outshined her fame which eventually lead to divorce. So in,1982 the couple officially separated.

Ray remarried for the third time with Clarence Barry Witmer, on March 21, 1992. 

Though not much information is available to the public eye, the marriage did not last long and they eventually divorced. The couple had a daughter named Umeko Ray.

Jacqueline Ray with her ex-husband Tom Selleck
Jacqueline Ray with Tom Selleck
Source: ecelebfacts

Net Worth

Jacqueline Ray's net worth is estimated to be 5 million USD which she earned throughout her career time.

This amount would have grown larger into a bigger amount but unfortunately for her, she is currently in process of completing her jail time.

Jail Time

Sadly for her fans, Jacqueline Ray is currently doing jail time because she hired a hitman named Louis Barker to kill the husband of her daughter Umeko.

Ray claimed Leon constantly abused her daughter Umeko for physical pleasures and tortured her, though her daughter pleaded for mercy, the beautiful actress had no reduction in her sentence.

She was sentenced to spend 18 years in prison in 2014 for her crimes.


Jacqueline has been married three-time and has 2 children. Her firstborn child was a son who she had with her first husband Shepherd, whose name is Kevin Selleck. And she had a second child with her third husband whose name is Umeko Ray.

Kevin was born in 1966, whereas the birthdate of Umeko is still not available to the general public.

Final Words

We do many things for our loved ones, though some of them may not be good and could occur in the heat of the moment through rage and anger.

Similar is the case of Jacqueline Ray who wanted to rescue her daughter and is now behind bars for the crime she committed though out of love, a sin should be repented.

May she be forgiven for her crimes and most importantly may she forgive herself.  

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