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James R. Fitzgerald and Natalie Schilling - Couple Who Solved "Unabomber" Case

sajju Published On Wed Sep 29 2021   Modified On Wed Sep 29 2021
James R. Fitzgerald and Natalie Schilling - Couple Who Solved "Unabomber" Case

James R. Fitzgerald and Natalie Schilling are of the celebrity figures who helped in cracking and solving the Unabomber Case which ran for 17 years from 1978 to 1995.

Furthermore, James is an American former FBI agent, criminal profiler, forensic linguist, and author. Likewise, Natalie is a linguist at Georgetown University in Washington who helped decode Kaczynski's writing. 

Fitzgerald and Schilling's Relationship:

The former FBI agent, James R. Fitzgerald found a new love of his life, Natalie Schilling who is a Professor of Linguistics. They became engaged and that's how she got media attention. 

In fact, she was also a part of Manhunt: Unabomber who helped decode Kaczynski's writing. Schilling is a linguist at Georgetown University in Washington.

James R. Fitzgerald's wife, Natalie Schilling Source:

That might be their first meeting each other which created a different love story between them. They rarely make public appearances together. The last time they were seen together was back in September 2014 during a Criminal Minds press event.

Mr. Fitzgerald was already married:

James R. Fitzgerald was previously married to Ellie Fitzgerald in the year 1976 and shared three sons together. But he was on a mission to crack Unabomber Case which ran for almost two decades that began from 1978 to 1995. 

His job as an FBI agent hindered his married life as he had to spend most of his time at work and he couldn't give time and attention to his wife and children. 

James R. Fitzgerald's Ex-wife, Ellie Fitzgerald Source: Reddit

He had to travel to various places during the investigation and had to stay away from home and family. As a result, the former couple separated their ways and ended their marriage with a mutual understanding after the Unabomber Case ended and decided to look after their children jointly. 

How did he and his team solve the case and capture Kaczynski?

The criminal-minded leader of the Unabomber Case was Theodore John Kaczynski aka Ted who was a terrorist and a mathematics genius. Between 1978 and 1995, he planted bombs in various different places which killed three people and injured twenty-three people. 

Police arrested Theodore John Kaczynski Source: Britannica

Ted used to leave useless clues intentionally to mislead the investigators which he called his manifesto. Eventually, Theodore's sister helped the FBI to reveal his identity and he was arrested on 3rd April 1996. He serves 8 life sentences in prison without the possibility of parole. 

James Fitzgerald and the true story-based TV Series:

James R. Fitzgerald was born on 24th June 1953 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the United States. He is an American criminal profiler, forensic linguist, and author. 

In fact, he is a former FBI agent who is better known for his contribution and work in the UNABOM investigation in which they arrested the most dangerous, masterminded, and mathematics genius named Theodore John Kaczynski aka Ted. 

The Manhunt Unabomber case TV Series Source: Wikipedia

The story of the Unabomber Case was so powerful that it inspired people to make a TV Series in 2017 based on it where Sam Worthing played Fitzgerald and Lynn Collins played Natalie Schilling. 

Moreover, this case is regarded as the most expensive and long-lasting investigation to date.

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