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Who Is Jason Schanne? Know More About The Partner of Bruno Tonioli

abhram Published On Tue Aug 30 2022   Modified On Tue Aug 30 2022
Who Is Jason Schanne? Know More About The Partner of Bruno Tonioli

Jason Schanne is well known Italian choreographer and TV personality. He is better known as the partner of Bruno Tonioli.  Bruno Tonioli is better known as a judge on the acclaimed British reality dance competition show Strictly Come Dancing. He also appeared as a judge on its  American adaption, Dancing with the Stars. 

It won't be wrong to say that Jason Schanne's fame came from his partner Bruno Tonioli. Jason Schanne is also a master in Ballroom and Latin Dance. Jason and Bruno are one of the most popular gay couples in the entertainment industry. Bruno Tonioli's gay Partner, Jason Schanne is also a model. Jason Schanne's Partner Bruno Tonioli has worked for the likes of Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson.

Jason and Bruno are together since 2010. But how their relationship starts? And what is Jason doing now? Let's find out the personal and professional aspects of Bruno Tonioli's partner Jason Schanne.

Early Life Of Jason Schanne

Jason Schanne was born on August 5, 1986. Jason Schanne has not revealed his birthplace. He had a low-profile life before he get reorganization as Bruno Toniloi's partner. While talking about his ethnicity he belongs to mixed ethnicity and has an American Nationality.

Jason Schanne is choreographer and a model

Jason Schanne has kept his personal life very secret, no details of his parents and siblings have been revealed either.

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Jason Schanne Relationship with Bruno Tonioli

If the rumours are to be believed the famous gay couple of the town, Jason Schanne and Bruno Tonioli are in contact since 2000. After many unsuccessful attempts, they begin their dating life in 2010 and they are living happily. 

Gay Couple, Jason Schanne & Bruno Tonioli

After being together for about two years in 2012, the couple had a committed ceremony. Perez Hilton and Johnny Weir were among the famous people who showed out at the event. They consider their committed ceremony as engagement.

Are Jason Schanne And Bruno Tonioli Married?

The couple are together since 2010 and given their protracted relationship, many people are interested to know if the two are wed. But they are not married to date, however, they take their committed ceremony as engagement. The two have not yet gotten hitched.

 Both of them have kept their relationships private. Furthermore, they have yet to appear in public together as a pair. Furthermore, Bruno has never disclosed his relationship with Jason.

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Jason's Partner Bruno Tonioli Was Bullied at School Because of His Homosexuality

Homosexuality is still taken as taboo in our society and this is one of the worse practices being followed even in this 21st century. Bruno Tonioli had to go through the worse because of his homosexuality. In an interview, Bruno opened up about the ups and down he had to go through during his school days.

Jason Schanne's Partner, Bruno Tonioli is Jude of Dancing with Stars

Tonioli stated that growing up in Ferrara, a small Catholic town in Italy, he “was the only gay in the village.” Because of this, many of his friends misbehave with him and bullied him. He said,

“It was frightening. I really WAS the only gay in the village. I was labelled ‘the queenie guy’ and ‘the queer’, which was the worst thing you could be told in Italy in those days.”

However, he overcame all this and is now a very successful personality.

Jason Schanne Physical Appearance

Jason Schanne is 36 years old and is younger than his partner Bruno Tonioli. Jason Schanne is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs approx. 70 kg. He has an excellent physique. Jason Schanne has brown hair colour and brown eyes. Jason Schanne has a pleasing personality.

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Jason Schanne Net Worth

Bruno Tonioli's Partner, Jason Schanne is a model and a choreographer and he might have earned a decent amount from his profession but his exact net worth estimation is still under review.

However, Bruno, his longtime partner, is estimated to be worth $16 million. As a contributor to the BBC, he earns between $278,453 and $346,673.98 every year.

Additionally, according to sources, Tonioli receives a seasoned pay of $880,000 for his services as a judge on "Strictly Come Dancing."

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