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Jemele Hill - She Could Niether Give up Smoking Nor Journalism

chand Published On Thu Sep 02 2021   Modified On Thu Sep 02 2021
Jemele Hill - She Could Niether Give up Smoking Nor Journalism

Jemele Hill aka Jemele Juanita Hill is an American anchor, sportscaster, producer, and writer. She has hosted shows like His & Hers, Sports Center, and many more. She was also a general sports writer for Raleigh News and Detroit Free Press.

She is currently working as a staff writer for The Atlantic. To know more about Jemele Hill's personal and professional life stay with us!

About Jemele 

Hill was born on 21 Dec 1975 in Michigan. Since her childhood, she was interested in sports and she has always loved books and writing. Growing up she had faced financial difficulties. Writing and sports helped her to cope with all the difficulties that she had to go through.

Jemele in her blonde braided hair.
Jemele in her blonde braided hair.
Source: Instagram/@jemelehill


Hill was born to her father, Jerel Bickerson, and her mother, Denise Dennard. 

Her father Jerel struggled with drug addiction in his youth. Hill got to met her father when she was an adult. She was raised by her mother so she is more close to her mother. Her mother was sexually assaulted in her youth and also was addicted to drugs.

Jemele Hill with her mother Denise.
Jemele Hill with her mother Denise.
Source: Instagram/@jemelehill

Educational Background

Hill graduated from her Highschool from Mumford High School. In 1993 Hill enrolled in Michigan State University and after five years she graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism in 1997.


In 2014, Jemele Hill met the love of her life, Ian Wallace. After dating for almost four years she made her relationship public. In Nov 2019 they held their matrimonial ceremony at Monarch Beach Resort.

Jemele Hill with her husband Ian Wallace.
Jemele Hill with her husband Ian Wallace.
Source: Instagram/@jemelehill

Cigarette Addiction 

Hill was addicted to smoking but after years of trying she cut off her smoking habit.


In 1998 Jemele was awarded North Carolina Press association Award. Then in 2007, she was awarded McKenzie Cup and The Rising Star Alumni Award from Michigan State's College.

In 2018 Hill was awarded the Journalist of the year by the national association of black Journalists and the Defiance award by Culture creators. 


In 1997 Hill initially started her career by joining Raleigh News & observer as a General assignment sports reporter. She worked there for almost two years, and then she worked as a Michigan State beat writer for more than six years in Detroit Free Press. 

In 2005 she joined The Orlando Sentinel as a sports Columnist for 1 year. Then from Nov 2006 to Sep 2018, she worked for ESPN as a Television personality and sports journalist. Currently, she is working as Staff Writer at The Atlantic.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Jemele Hill is $5 million. She is earning quite a handsome income from her career as a journalist which is allowing her to live a lavish life.

Trivia: Jemele Hill

  1. She was liked by Former President Barack Obama and was invited to the White House twice.
  2. At age of 16, she started to work for the press where she would write about school.
  3. In childhood, she was a neighborhood Tomboy who liked to watch sports.

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