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John Connelly – Reporter Sandra Smith’s Husband

salina Published On Sat Jul 31 2021   Modified On Sat Jul 31 2021
John Connelly – Reporter Sandra Smith’s Husband

John Conolly is the famous marketing professional who came to the limelight as the husband of Fox News' Sandra Smith. As a reporter for Fox Business, she joined the network in the year 2007.

John and Sandra bumped into each other in Chicago, where both of them were working. After a beautiful marriage for more than 10 years, the couple has two lovely children together. 

John has not always been in the spotlight. He has been in limelight because of his wife's rising stardom. 



Terra Nova Institutional in Chicago is where Conolly and Smith met for the first time. Sandra was hired by a large company as a sales trader. 

A 2013 article in the Chicago Tribune recounted Smith's encounter with Conolly, who was wearing a bow tie at the time and didn't initially pay her any attention as she met the firm's new partners. It took a lot of prompting to get him to smile and introduce himself.

John and Sandra with their baby.
John and Sandra with their baby. Source- Biography Line

According to Sandra Smith, their 12-year-old age difference has never been an issue. Conolly was 35 and she was 23 when they met.

Conolly had to move away to Chicago due to his career opportunities so her relationship with him would also change. They were able to work and using frequent flights, they were able to make it works, Smith told the Chicago Tribune that Conolly was supportive at every step.

Furthermore, Smith was then offered a job with Fox Business in 2007. Smith's move to New York would be permanent, as a result of this. Despite the challenges, she and Conolly said they were committed to surviving. 

On May 1, 2010, while still in a long-distance relationship, they got married. At Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago, the ceremony was held on May 25, 2010.

The first few months of our marriage were spent apart from one another. While Conolly and her husband move to New York City in January of 2011, the couple spent a week back in Chicago every other month during that time.


Conolly's first child was born in 2013 and they are now expecting their second child. Their daughter was named Cora. 

In January 2015, they welcomed a son named John Jr. The baby weighed nearly 10 pounds when it was born, according to the doctors.

If she does, the child's face is at least partially obscured. Smith doesn't post many photos of her children.


The estimated net worth of John Conolly is approximately $1 million. He makes a decent fortune through his career as an entrepreneur.

A successful businessman and former budgetary correspondent, John Conolly has remained out of the limelight for most of his career. As a result of his relationship with Sandra, John has been thrust into the limelight. 

Sometime later, she began working for Aegis Capital Group as an examination partner. As a merchant, she worked for Hermitage Capital Corporation. After leaving the company, she moved to Chicago, IL.

Therefore, After working at Terra Nova Institution Sales and Trading. With her work, her working as an on-air correspondent for Bloomberg television, she has found her place in the world of broadcast television and is thriving.

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