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Joseph Frontiera - "Counting Car" Star's Bio and Legal Problems

upesh Published On Wed Aug 11 2021   Modified On Wed Aug 11 2021
Joseph Frontiera - "Counting Car" Star's Bio and Legal Problems

Joseph Frontiera is a famous American TV personality known for his unique arts and design.

The extraordinary artist is mostly known for his appearance in the reality show Counting Cars.

Mr. Frontiera's love and passion for modifying and repairing classic cars with his ability to create a unique design have gained him lots of fame and money.

Who is Joseph Frontiera?

Born and raised in the United States of America, Joseph's love for cars started at an early age who saw his father as a figurehead.

His father used to repair his classic Mercedes at home from where this talented man's road to loving classic cars began.

Joseph used to help his dad most of the time during his repairs so, at the tender age of 11, he had already decided to pursue his life and career as a mechanic.

Joseph Frontiera
Joseph Frontiera
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Joseph was born on 1st July 1988 in the United States of America. He is a Christian and belongs to the White ethnicity.

His zodiac sign is Cancer, his father was a mechanic and his mother was a housewife, though their identities are yet to be revealed.

The passionate artist has finished high school but he hasn't disclosed any personal information answering to where and when.

Career And Personal Life 

Joseph discovered his love and passion for repairing and designing at a young age, due to which he was able to focus on developing his skills and gaining lots of experience.

As soon as Frontiera finished high school he started to dedicate his time develop skills and experience in the field.

The unique artist's career began when started working for Count’s Kustoms in 2006.

And in June 2013, he landed his feet into his professional career as the cast of Counting Cars, a spin-off of Pawn Stars.

The talented actor and designer appeared on the show alongside Danny Koker and Ryan Evans, the reality show is 9 season-long series.

The show was filmed at the Count’s Kustoms and was owned by Danny Koker.

The cast of TV series Counting Cars.
The cast of Counting Cars.
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After Mr. Frontiera made his debut in the show, he was also responsible for handling the finances of Danny’s company.

In 2017, Danny Koker sued him for misuse of his company's finances. 

Joseph was accused of spending $75,000 to cover his personal expenses which came from Danny's company Count’s Kustoms.

Not long after, it came to light that, Joseph used the money to pay the bills for his car, a Range Rover.

He also used the money to pay for the tickets of his personal flights, he had also evaded from paying the company's taxes.

After this information came to light, the  Las Vegas Justice Court charged Frontiera with felony theft of over $3,500 in August 2013.

Joseph Frontiera had already built a reputation in the public as one of the famous TV celebrities but due to this scandal he was fired and his reputation dwindled.

Joseph Frontiera
Joseph Frontiera
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Joseph Frontiera Net Worth

Joseph isn't a fan of using social media, he has stayed far away from the limelight and so gaining his personal information is near to impossible.

But during his prime time before the scandal, he made a decent amount of money from the show.

Various sources claim Joseph Frontiera had a net worth of over 500 thousand USD, but after the scandal, it has probably diminished by quite a margin. 

The IRS fined him around $18,000, though his lawyer defended him, due to the lawsuit he has suffered quite a loss in his net worth. And so his current net worth is estimated to be around 300 thousand.

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