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Who Is Journey River Green? Know More About Megan Fox's Son

Published On Tue Aug 02 2022   Modified On Wed Aug 03 2022
Who Is Journey River Green? Know More About Megan Fox's Son

Journey River Green is a star kid. He rose to prominence as the youngest son of Megan Denise Fox and her ex-husband Brian Austin Green.

His mother Megan Fox, is a very popular and successful American actress and model while his father, Brian Austin Green is an American actor, producer, and former rapper.

Megan Fox has three children, the youngest of whom is Journey River Green. Noah Shannon Green and Bodhi Ransom Green are his two older brothers.

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The age difference between Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, the father of Journey Green, is 12 years, yet this hasn't interfered with their loving relationship. Before divorcing in 2020, the couple was married for 16 years.

Journey with his brothers and father

Let's learn more about the youngest son of Megan Fox, including some intriguing details like his age and relationships with his parents, siblings, and other family members.

Let's get started.

Journey River Green Age, Raised With Three Siblings including a Half-Brother

Journey River Green, a famous child, was born to famous parents on August 4, 2016, in Los Angeles, California.

While his mother Megan is from Tennessee, his father Brian is a native of Van Nuys, California.

He is of Caucasian ancestry and has American Nationality. He is also of Scottish descent.

Journey River Green's Siblings

Journey River Green has two biological siblings. Both his brothers are elder than him. 

Born on September 27, 2012, Noah Shannon Green is the eldest, while Bodhi Ranson Green, who was born on February 12, 2014, is the second-youngest.

Journey (Middle) with his brothers, Noah (Left) and Bodhi (Right)

And from his father's previous union with Vanessa Marcil, he has a half-sibling named Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green.

The decision to divorce Journey River Green's parents was made in 2015, however, Megan Fox became pregnant with Journey Green and they decided to get back together for their third child.

 However, they split up once more in 2020. And their divorce was confirmed in 2021

Brian and Megan were both regarded as the perfect parents because they spent most of their time with their children. Despite having a busy schedule, they took them on outings so that they could spend time together while doing their best to provide an opulent upbringing.

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Even after the couple's divorce, they made sure to provide for their kids in the best way possible.

The parents of Journey River had a different approach to raising children

After the birth of their third child, Megan Fox and Brian Austin conceived. However, the couple made sure to give their children the best care possible.

Journey and his siblings with his mother and father.

However, they have diverse parenting styles that set them apart from one another. 

Brian spoke candidly about raising his three children with Megan during an interview on Ever After with Jaleel White. The podcast was launched just before Megan Fox filed the divorce.

He said, 

“My wife and I, we got good at man-to-man. Then you have three [kids] and all of a sudden you have to play zone. ‘OK, I’ll cover [this] half of the room, you cover that half.’ Then if a kid steps in our zone, we’ve got it covered.”

He describes his parenting as a basketball-like analogy. He further added,

“You get used to that, and then you start playing zone by yourself. You start going, ‘Yeah, I can do this.”

Megan Fan Called As Absentee Mother By The Fans

When it comes to spending time with their child on their own time, Megan and Brian are just like any other divorced couple.

While Megan Fox barely ever posts photos of her kids on social media, Brian constantly shares the photo of him with his kids there.

As a result, fans began referring to Megan Fox as an absentee mother since they felt she didn't have time for her children.

On the occasion of Halloween 2020, Brian Austin posted a photo of himself with Journey wearing Halloween costumes. However, Megan Fox did not post a single picture at this significant event. Upon seeing this, fans of Brian began to say that Megan was not as connected to her child as Brian was.

And Megan Fox was not pleased with the unfavourable remarks. She took to Instagram to criticize her ex-husband for "feeding" the myth that she is an "absent mother" and called him out.

She posted the same photo that Brian had uploaded with a different caption and then asked that Brian remove the photo.

Journey’s mother lashed out at his father for sharing this picture.

Brian removed the photo in response to Megan's request, but then published it again after cropping Journey River Green.

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During the coronavirus lockdown, Journey River and his siblings had difficulty in learning

Covid-19 pandemic troubled all of us, the days were very hard and Lockdown made it further harder for people to lock them inside the house. And same happens with Green's brother who was locked in four walls of the house.

Brian upon up the challenges he faced taking care of his children during the Covid-19 lockdown in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. 

The world went into a virtual medium, everything was being done virtually. Unlike other kids who were learning virtually, Green's children find it difficult to do so. Hence, Brian has to come up with new techniques for his children.

"Our 8-year-old just wasn't into the remote learning at all, so we have a pod with six other kids," the mother said. That kind of work, which involved spending time in front of a computer, wasn't his thing. Some kids, in my opinion, need socialising. They should be among other youngsters, for instance."

Net Worth of Journey River Green

Noah Shannon Green enjoys the wealth of his famous parents, despite having little money of his own and leading a lavish lifestyle.

Mom, Megan Fox's net worth

Speaking of her famous mother, Megan Fox, her current total earnings amount to $8 million.

The Net Worth Of Dad Brian Austin Green

Her father, Brain Austin Green, currently has a net worth of $10 million.

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