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Karlee Steel - Canadian YouTuber's All Facts Till Date

salina Published On Sun Aug 08 2021   Modified On Sun Aug 08 2021
Karlee Steel - Canadian YouTuber's All Facts Till Date

Karlee Steel is a popular Youtuber from Canada who has a large fan following from all over the world to her various social media platforms. 

She uploads videos on Youtube and YouNow and has a decent following on both of these platforms. Aside from these, she is a frequent content creator on TikTok( formerly known as

Steel is a self-made internet personality who first appeared on the internet in 2010 via Twitter.

She works as a model and has acquired popularity in that field in addition to becoming an internet star.


Karlee was born in the province of Ontario, Canada on September 25 in the year 1998. Very little is known about her parents prior to her becoming a social media influencer. 

The internet sensation has not revealed anything about her parents publicly. However, she does have three sisters and currently resides in Michigan, USA. 


Karlee Steel is currently in a relationship with a guy named Josh whose Instagram handle is "whomisjosh'. Their relationship is quite open to the public eye as per Karlee's Instagram handle. They can be seen posting about each other and expressing their love through social media platforms. 

However, Karlee was also dating a guy named Josh Bisschops and they were happily together since 2019 but they separated in the year 2021. Their relationship was very open to the public eye and the media.

Their relationship was also very evident in their individual social media handles. they used to frequently collaborate on TikTok videos and feature each other on Instagram. Furthermore, they also shared a Youtube channel named 'Karlee &Josh'. 

The couple was happily engaged for quite some time but behind the doors, they used to argue a lot, Karlee disclosed in her YouTube video.

Both of these people were dating someone else before meeting each other and coming together as a couple. Karlee was in a relationship with a fellow Social Media personality and Vine creator Conner Bobay. 

Meanwhile, Josh was also dating a woman who is not revealed yet with whom he shares a daughter.


The rising reach of online social media platforms has made it influencers like Karlee feasible to reach out to their fans. When she initially appeared on Twitter in 2010, she did not want to pursue the online profession seriously. 

Her initial interest in the online platform, like that of many other kids her age, stemmed from a desire to know and communicate with celebrities on Twitter. However, by the age of 14, she had already begun to consider pursuing an online career, prompting her to create her first YouTube channel in January in the year 2013.

Karlee Steel career
Karlee Steel in one of her famous Youtube videos. Source- Famous People

Her Youtube videos were an instant hit, and the number of viewers logging in to her channel began to grow by the minute.

 She quickly accumulated a significant subscriber base on her channel which began to increase on a daily basis. Her own YouTube channel currently has over 1 million subscribers.

Moreover, she has also worked as a sales advisor in addition to being an Internet sensation. She also communicates with her followers on Twitter and Instagram. She is also considering a modeling career in the mainstream. 

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Canadian YouTuber Karlee Steel is $128,000. She makes a decent fortune for herself out of her two Youtube channels, one for her main content and the second channel for vlogging.

Furthermore, she earns loads of money through paid promotions and endorsements. She endorses various high-quality brands such as Shein and Fashion Nova. 

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