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Who Is Kate Danson? Know More About Oldest Daughter of Ted Danson

Published On Tue Aug 09 2022   Modified On Tue Aug 09 2022
Who Is Kate Danson? Know More About Oldest Daughter of Ted Danson

Kate Danson born "Katherine Danson" is an American-born actress and a producer. She rose the fame as the daughter of Ted Danson and his former wife Cassandra Casey Coates. She is the only biological child of her parents.

Her Father Ted Danson originally Edward “Ted” Bridge Danson III is a famous actor and producer who is more popular for reprising the role of Sam Malone on the N.B.C. "sitcom Cheers" while Jack Holden in the films "Three Men and a Baby". 

Kate Danson tried her go at acting as her parents did but Kate's acting career didn't get that vibes. Her acting credits include C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation (2000), Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (2008), and Alien Theory (2019). She decided to work behind the camera and produced a few plays after acting in a few films and plays on stage.

In addition, Ted Danson's daughter is a certified doula. Being a member of the celebrity family makes it challenging to forge one's own identity. Does Kate succeed in developing her own identity? In this post, we will also reveal some little-known facts regarding Ted Danson's daughter.

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Kate Danson Early Life: Birth, Parents, Hometown

The only biological daughter of Ted Dsson and  Cassandra Casey Coates was born on December 24th, 1979, in Los Angeles, California.

She has French Norman ancestry on her mother's side and Scottish and English ancestry on her father's side. She is of Caucasian origin and an American citizen.

Kate Danson with her father, Ted Danson

She was the only child of her parents until her celebrity parents adopted Alexis Danson. She grew up in Los Angeles.

Along With Kate's Birth, Her mother Casey Experienced A Health Scare. 

The best source of happiness for any married couple is having children. Ted and Casey were overjoyed for their first child, but something terrible was waiting for Casey. For her mother, Casey, Katey's birth resulted in major health issues.

Kate Danson with her mother and half-sibling Alexis Danson

While giving birth to Katey, Casey experienced major health problems. One portion of her body was paralyzed as a result of a stroke she had while giving birth. Due to this, Kate Danson's mother spent years having trouble moving some of her bodily parts. Ted, her husband, provided for his wife during this difficult period.

But Casey, this health-related problem ends their long-standing relationship.

We were adjusting to the fact that we weren’t the same people we were before it happened.”

Ted Danson stated this in an interview with Closer.

Ted-Cassandra Relationship

Randy Danson and Ted Danson were previously wed, however, they later separated. Ted was crushed at this time and believed he would never fall in love again, but Cassandra Coates entered the picture and changed everything.

You could say that Ted fell in love with Cassandra at first sight. Ted and Cassandra were both having trouble making a name for themselves in their respective fields. Immediately after meeting, the couple begins dating.

After dating for a while, they tied the knot in an extravagant ceremony on the 30th of July, 1977.

Their relationship was going smoothly and soon they welcome their first baby. Ted provided enough love and care when his wife Cassandra suffered health issues and the couple fought it off together.

But their relationship didn't last a long as the thing becomes to change and the pair parted away with divorce in 1993. Ted paid up around $30 million in the settlement making it one of the costliest divorces of the time.

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Sibling of Kate Danson

As discussed above, Kate is the only biological kid of their parents. After a few years of Kate's birth, their parents adopted a child Alexis Danson. Alexis was born on 1985.

Alexis likes to be in private spaces, in contrast to her older sister Kate. She became an actor instead of taking the same career route as her well-known father. The name of their biological parents of Alexis has not been revealed.

Apart from Alexis, Kate also has two step-siblings, Lilly McDowell and Charlie McDowell. Both are the half-siblings of Kate's stepmother Mary Steenburgen and her husband Malcolm McDowell.

Kate is a certified doula

Kate too like other star kids went after his parent's footmarks to pursue her career but wasn't successful. 

Kate is a certified doula

Kate also holds a Doula certification (Doula refers to providing physical and emotional support to pregnant women before, during and after childbirth).

Her parents' memories of her mother's complications during Kate's delivery served as inspiration for her decision to become a doula.

Kate provides Doula support, education counselling and also postpartum photography as part of her practice.

Is Kate Danson Married?

Yes, Kate was married but now she is single. Kate was married to Jesse Bochco, the son of famous TV Producer Steven Bochco. 

Not a lot is known about Jesse and Kate's relationship, but it's a rumour that they were dating for while and Jesse Proposed to Kate in Christmas 2008.

The couple exchanged vows on September 26th, 2009.

Kate Danson and her ex-husband Jesse Bochco

There is word that there is no information about why they broke up, just as there is no knowledge about when and where they met or how their relationship began. They split up in 2015. There is no information available regarding their kids at all.

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Her Ex-Husband Is the Son Of Steven Bochco

A famous TV producer Steven Bochco and well-known retired actress Barbara Bosson is the parent of Jesse Bochco.

In 1982, Jesse Bochco appeared in his father's television series Hill Street Blues in his only acting role as Frank Furillo Jr.

Jesse then began his TV career as an associate producer in his father's show Philly, starring Kim Delaney. In 2002, he wore the director's hat and made his directing debut with the same show when he directed the episode “Tall Tales.” And later directed many other shows and episodes.

Kate Danson's Net Worth

Kate Danson has an estimated net worth of $3 million. The major chunk of it came from her acting career and as a producer.

While her father, Ted Danson who is a well-known actor and producer has an estimated net worth of $80 million.

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