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Who Is Kristin Luckey? Why Did She Leave Her Husband Billy Ray Cyrus?

abhram Published On Sun Aug 07 2022   Modified On Sun Aug 07 2022
 Who Is Kristin Luckey? Why Did She Leave Her Husband Billy Ray Cyrus?

Kristin Luckey is an American-born personality who rose to fame after being linked with famous singer and actor Billy Ray Cyrus. once she was famous as the girlfriend of Billy Ray & now she is famous as his ex-girlfriend.

Billy Cyrus is a singer-songwriter and actor whose popular single  Achy Breaky Heart, released in 1990 has topped the Hot Country Songs list in the United States, earning it Australia's first triple platinum single.

Kristin Luckey's ex-boyfriend, Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Cyrus has 2 Grammy awards to his name. Some of the hits are "Some Gave All,” “Could’ve Been Me,” “Where Am I Gonna Live,” “She’s Not Cryin’ Anymore,” “It Won’t Be the Last,” and many more.

Unlike her ex-boyfriend, Billy who is quite hot among the fans and media. Kristin has kept her life behind a closed door. Hasn't revealed anything about her personal life. She was popular as the girlfriend of Billy Cyrus and now is popular as his ex.

So, most of us might be interested to know about Billy Ray's ex-girlfriend. Who is she, where does she belong from and many more. Let's find out in this article.

Kristin Luckey Birth, Age and Early Life

Kristin was born Kristin Marie Luckey on March 21, 1970, in the United States of America.

Kristin hasn't revealed the name of her parents. Most of her details are kept secret and Kristin is very tight-tipped in revealing her details. No, one knows the name of her parents or any detail about her early life.

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However, it is believed that she grew up in South Carolina. Kristin Luckey belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and is American by nationality.

Kristin And Her Ex-Boyfriend Billy First Encounter

When the star singer Billy travelled to South Carolina for work in 1991. He met with Kristin in the hotel for the first time. Kristin was the waitress there.

They hit up instantly and started dating.

Kristin Lucky Is The Mother of  Her Ex-Partner Kid

Kristin and Billy didn't take the time when they met for the first time. The couple started dating soon after their first encounter in 1991. 

Their romantic affair didn't last long, but in between that span, the couple welcome their son Christopher Cody Cyrus. He was born on April 8, 1992.

But what interesting was, that Billy was not expecting the baby from her then waitress girlfriend and it was a surprise for him. However, he accepted the baby and took full responsibility and also paid the medical bill.

Just after a few months of becoming a proud parents, their relationship ended.

Kristin Was Unaware Of Billy Cyrus's Affair With Tish Finley 

Billy Cyrus was in a parallel relationship with two girls at a time. Billy was dating Kristi and Tish Finley side by side. When Christopher was born, the couple was still dating.

Billy and his second wife Tish.

All was going well between Billy and Kristin until the news of  Billy's marriage to Tish boomed.

Billy Ray announced on television his marriage to Tish, saying, "He had a wonderful baby and another is on the way." After this Kristin came to know that Tish was already pregnant with Destiny Hope who is popular as Miley Cyrus when Christoper, Kristi's son was born.

This is the reason why Kristi decided to quit her relationship with Billy Cyrus. Kristi raised her son independently in her home town, South Carolina.

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Relationship Between Billy and Kristin's Son Christopher

Christopher didn't get the love and attention from his father like his father's other children Miley, Brandi, Trace, and Noah Cyrus.

Despite being the son of a rich father, Christopher has to work hours just to fulfil his basic needs while his half-siblings were enjoying the lavish life offered by their father.

Neither Billy wished Christopher any of his birthdays nor spent time with him. In Christopher's life, Billy was just an absentee father. 

Billy does help Kristin at the time of Christopher's birth by paying the medical bills. But after that, there was no support for the mother-son duo from Billy Cyrus.

Billy and Kristin's son, Christopher Cyrus

Christopher is now well settled and is lawyer based in Texas.

Is Kristin Luckey Married Now?

After breaking up with Billy Cyrus, Kristin was spotted in a romantic relationship with Mark Anthony Sorine.

The couple dated for a while before tying the knot in a private marriage ceremony.

The two have been married for a while now and their relationship is still going strong. Kristin currently lives on Watermark Drive in Wesly Chapel with her new spouse Mark.

Kristin is The Mother of Three More Children

Kristin has been so tight-lipped about her matters. Most of the things about Kristin are unknown.

Kristin has one daughter with her second husband Mark Anthony, Ali Marie Palmer. Ali Marie Palmer was born in June 1996.

Kristin Luckey With her children and husband

Christopher, the son of Kristin from her relationship with Billy Cyrus once said, her mother has two more children. But their name or gender is not revealed. 

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Kristin Present Life: What She Is Doing?

Kristin's previous profession was as a waitress in South Carolina. She met her ex-boyfriend Billy Cyrus when she was working as a waitress. 

As of now, as reported by a few portals, Kristin worked in some of the hotels in South Carolina. Besides these once again no information is published or found about Kristi's Profession.

Kristin Net Worth

The former waitress and gf of Billy Cyrus have a net worth of $500,000 as of 2022. 

While her ex-boyfriend is quite rich and has a net worth of $20 million as of 2022. His most of income came from her acting role and as a singer.

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