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Marcia Brown - Facts About Kwame Brown Wife

chand Published On Thu Oct 21 2021   Modified On Thu Oct 21 2021
Marcia Brown - Facts About Kwame Brown Wife

Marcia Brown is a celebrity wife of Kwame Brown who is a former professional basketball player. She is a teacher by profession and wife of a Basketball player who has played 12 seasons of the National Basketball League (NBA).

Her husband Kwame Played with the following teams

  • Los Angeles Lakers
  •  Golden State Warriors
  •  Wizards, Memphis Grizzlies
  •  Detroit Pistons
  •  Charlotte Bobcats
  • Philadelphia 76res

Marcia is currently living a happy and content life together with her husband and children. To know about Kwame Brown's wife Marcia stay with us.

Married to former Basketball player

Marcia Brown's husband Kwame started his professional career in Basketball world after getting a rating of the best player in high school he then officially got drafted in 2001 by the Washington Wizards. 

Kwame Brown in his Team Jersey.
Kwame Brown in his Team Jersey.
Source: information cradle

After playing for almost 12 seasons for State warrior, Los Angeles Lakers, Washington Wizards, Philadelphia 76ers, Charlotte Bobcats, and Detroit Pistons he retired in 2012.


As reported by sources Brown is married to basketball player Kwame. Other information like how, and when did they meet each other is yet to be answered by the couple.

Kwame Brown with his family.
Kwame Brown with his family.
Source: Instagram/ @kwan_low

From her marriage with Kwame Marcia has two children, Kwame Jr. Brown and Lauren Brown. Besides he also has three stepkids from her husband's previous relationship with Joselyn.

Relationship with her husband

Marcia has a very lovely relationship with her husband Kwame Brown and there is no controversy about their relationship. Marcia can be often seen in Kwame's Social media together with him.

Kwame Brown with his wife Marcia Brown.

The net worth of Brown 

The estimated net worth of Marcia Brown is around $30,000. She earns her salary from her career as a Kindergarten Teacher.

Besides, her husband, Kwame Brown's estimated net worth is $60 million. He had a great earning throughout his successful career as a basketball player. He currently earns as a podcaster, YouTuber, and besides, he also has his own home.


Kwame's pet Argentina.
Kwame's pet Argentina.
Source: Instagram/ @kwan_low

Marcia is raising a white American Staffordshire Terrier with her husband whom they have named Argentina. Argentina is the sweetest and adorable pet. Brown often posts pictures and videos of Argentina on his Instagram account.

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