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Who Is Model Laneya Grace? Everything You Should Know About Her

Abhram Published On Sun Jun 26 2022   Modified On Sun Jun 26 2022
Who Is Model Laneya Grace? Everything You Should Know About Her

Laneya Grace is an American model who started modeling just at the age of 3 and is continuing it since then. 

Laneya Grace was born on June 23, 2004.  Laneya Grace stormed the world with her photogenic look and pleasant smile. 

Her journey so far has been overwhelming and outcomes of sheer brilliance. Laneya Grace's green eyes have clearly spelled the magic. Even more than that her light brown hair makes her appearance more than perfect for any role. Because of her astonishing look, many consider the girl next door as she nailed every look with perfection.

Her confidence around the camera just at this young age is simply commendable. Her journey to modeling started when her parents took her for a photoshoot on Capitola beach and then forwarded a few among them to a modeling agency located in New York. 

Since then she is climbing the ladder of success, with big credit for her appearance along with her brilliant hard work.

Let's find out how Laneya Greace's journey has been so far both as personally and professionally.

Laneya Grace’s Parents 

Despite Laneya Grace gaining huge popularity and is one of the internet sensations has not much revealed about her parents. Laneya Grace Parent married each other in 2003.

Laneya Grace posing for a selfie with her dad Thomas Stevenson

The name of her mother is still unknown but rumors suggest her mothers belongs to the white community while her father is non-white and his name is Thomas Stevenson. She has a younger sister named Kay.

Laneya Grace Started Her Modeling At A Young Age

Laneya Grace's journey to modeling started when she was just 3 years. While on family vacation her parents took a picture of her on the beach and then forwarded it to the modeling agency in San Francisco.  

With no surprise, they receive a call from the agency for the offer. And, her school supported her by issuing a work permit as she was a kid.

Laneya Grace posing for a photoshoot

Starting her modeling career with Macy’s American departmental store and now she has worked with a number of companies as a model.

She left Ford Models after working for four years and joined another agency as ford has halted working with child models.

According to her appearance at Ford while starting the career was not appealing because of her poor braces which she later removed it out before joining JE model based agency for which she is on tenure.

She was featured alongside Kristina Romanova in the music video for the song Wake Me Up by Avicii. Given that she is also an influencer with The Osbrink Agency.

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Laneya Is Active On Social Media 

The whole world lies in social media for youths, social media is like a medium, for exchanging and sharing content. Almost every youth is addicted to it and Laneya is no different. 

Laneya is quite active on social media and she often shares dance videos and duets on her TikTok and Instagram accounts whose followers read 19k and 320k respectively.

Picture of Laneya Grace from her TikTok video

Laneya was also found sharing opinion videos during the U.S election and it is reported that it is her father Thomas Stevenson who manages her social media accounts.

Does She Earn From Her Social Media; What Is Her Net Worth?

Laneya Grace started doing the modeling just at age of 3 years. So, it's over a decade of Laneya doing modeling. She is also active on social media and her income from TikTok is under the radar and supposition but she does earn average money from Instagram.

As of now, Laneya Grace is the brand ambassador of Happy Plugs, a Stockholm-based headphones company.

Laneya Grace is part of the modeling industry doing Photoshoots, music video, and brand endorsements which contributes to her net worth. 

As of 2022, her net worth is estimated to be in the range of $3 million.

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Does Laneya Grace Have A Boyfriend?

Laneya Grace hasn't disclosed much about her personal life, even the name of her mother is under the radar. 

Laneya does have posted hundreds of posts on social media but her personal life hasn't been disclosed. She is just into his teen and is more concerned about her study and career than other youths of her age.

This Charismatic model is supposed to be single at this time. 

Laneya Grace has Charismatic physical appearance

Beautiful Laneya Grace in attractive outfit doing photoshoot for modeling agency.

Laneya Grace has stunned the whole world with her stunning look which is also supposed to be Girl next door image. she was gracing the stage with her effervescent smile, charming looks, beaming presence, and of course her twinkling green eyes.

She is 5′ 4″ tall and weighs around 40 kg. Her eyes are green and have white brown hair while her body structure reads 31-25-33 inches.

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Few other Interesting Fact about Laneya Grace

  • Laneya Grace is fond of rock climbing.
  • Grace loves music and she is practicing and learning Guitar.
  • Grace happens to be a model where being physical fitness matters a lot so for this, she hits the gym regularly.
  • Laneya Grace is also learning Thai Boxing.



Q. When did Laneya Grace start her modeling career?

She started her modeling care at the very young age of 3.

Q. Is Laneya Grace in a relationship?

Laneya Grace is currently supposed to be single. 

Q. What is the name of Laneya Grace's Mother?

Laney Grace has not disclosed much about his personal life while her father's name is Thomas Stevenson but the name of her mother is unknown. 

Q. For which modeling agency is Laney Grace currently working?

Laneya Grace is working with Wilhelmina Model and JE Model.

Q. Is Laneya Grace active on Social media?

Laneya Grace is no different than other youth of this generation who loves posting is social media. She is highly active on TikTok and Instagram.

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