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The Reality of Lauren German's Plastic Surgery - Fans Believe She's Done It Too

bikash Published On Mon Feb 15 2021   Modified On Mon Feb 15 2021
The Reality of Lauren German's Plastic Surgery - Fans Believe She's Done It Too

As Michael Jackson once said, 

“if all the celebrities in Hollywood who have gotten plastic surgery went on holiday, there wouldn’t be a person left in the world”. 

It’s pretty common among Hollywood celebrities to undergo cosmetic surgeries. 

Almost every Hollywood celebrity that you might have heard has most probably gone under the knife at least once. Even among them, females are more likely to undergo cosmetic surgeries. 

If you don’t look best both inside and outside, the Hollywood industry doesn’t seem to give you opportunities. This is even more true for female celebrities. So, to keep being the best at least on the outside, most of them undergo plastic surgery.

Did Lauren German Have Plastic Surgery?

Lauren German, the famous actress who played in several hit films and TV shows, including Lucifer, A Walk to Remember, Chicago Fire, and the Texas Chainsaw massacre seems to have gone under the knife. 

Even though she hasn’t admitted it yet, her fans have accused her of getting plastic surgery. As a result of a poll that the celebrity magazine held, more than sixty percent of the voters believed that she had a plastic surgery operation. 

Lauren German before and after plastic surgery
Before and After Picture of Lauren German.
Source: Weight and Skin

Even in this picture, we can see few improvements. Her nose seems to be more pointed in the present picture than in the past picture. She seems to have done some kind of nose job to achieve this result like widening the nasal bridge. 

She also seems to have done Botox, a drug that reduces skin wrinkles. This seems to be pretty clear in the first season of Lucifer Season 4 where her fans could clearly see that her face and top lips don’t move when she talks. 

Fans speculation regarding Lauren German’s Plastic Surgery in social media

Fans view on Lauren German Plastic Surgery
Source: Reddit

As this fan here, there are many others who speculate that Lauren German has undergone cosmetic surgery. likewise, there are also many other fans who think that she looked much beautiful naturally.