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Home celebrity Leah Seymour – Facts About Timothy Seymour’s Wife

Leah Seymour – Facts About Timothy Seymour’s Wife

salina Published On Sat Jul 24 2021   Modified On Sat Jul 24 2021
Leah Seymour – Facts About Timothy Seymour’s Wife

Leah Seymour is the popular celebrity wife of the renowned Television star and actor Timothy Seymour, also known as, Tim Seymour. 

The lovely couple has long been together for a long time and appears to be an example of one of the excellent pair in the industry. Leah's life has been extremely comfortable and pleasant alongside her husband.



American TV Personality Leah Seymour's husband is Timothy Seymour, commonly referred to as Tim Seymour.This excellent man was born on May 6, 1966, and belongs to the white ethnicity. 

Since Tim had been a business person since a very young age, he attended the business school of Fordham Gabelli and took a business administration master's degree. 

Tim began his management career in Moscow at the age of 39 in January 2005 as a Managing partner. He spent almost three years in Red Star Asset management and left the job in the year 2007. 

Tim has more than 24 years of experience in investment management, allocators, and professional capital markets in different types of securities. He gained recognition as a trader and market strategist within the investment community at CNBC.

Furthermore, he has been a prime investor in CNBC's fast-paying money for more than a decade. He is also well recognized in social media as a trader and investor, as he is considered as one of Twitter's leading financial experts.

While he is a big shot in the investment sector and entertainment industry, he is also a highly family man as he shares an amazing bond with his wife and kids. The closeness and the love of this beautiful family can be seen on Tim's social media as he expresses his family moments quite often.

Husband Tim's Net Worth

Leah Seymour's Husband Tim Seymour has racked up a net worth of $50 million over the course of his 19 years of experience and worldwide recognition.

Tim Net Worth
Source- Information Cradle

He joined CNBC's Fast Money while he was working at the Red Star. Furthermore, he was also a Chief Investigation Officer at Triogem Asset Management in the year 2008. He decided to leave Triogem in the year 2018 after working there for 10 years.

Later, he joined Seymour Asset Management as CIO in 2017.

Additionally, he is the founder of, a company he established in the year 2009.


Leah Seymour is happily married to Timothy Seymour and shares two kids with him. Her son, Conor Mcdonagh Seymour, was born in august 2013  and her daughter, born in 2008. Leah has a strong bond with her husband and kids. 

From the tweets of Leah's husband, it is evident that the couple love and value their children no matter how busy they are with their work schedule.

Tim and his daughter
Tim Seymour with his daughter at Ranger's game. Source- Twitter

In an interview with Bezinga, Tim boasted about his wife. He mentioned that his wife was the only pregnant one in the group when he reunited with his colleagues as they gave birth to their children very later in life.

In spite of the fact that their children were born late, Leah and Tim's family is filled with utmost bliss and love which is very evident by the expression of the couple.

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