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About Lenny DePaul - Facts of This Criminal Hunter

chand Published On Sat Jul 24 2021   Modified On Sat Jul 24 2021
About Lenny DePaul - Facts of This Criminal Hunter

Lenny DePaul is an infamous criminal hunter, former U. S. Marshal, U. S, Secret Service, Retired U. S Navy, and Reality show actor.

He has spent more than thirty years of his life serving his nation. By, chasing and catching an average of five fugitives daily he got a remarkable reputation in his career.


Lenny DePaul's wife's name is Ellie with whom he lives together. He has an elder daughter Nikki and the youngest son LJ from two wives. 

His Marriage life is secret to us as he likes to keep it out of social media. We can see his love for his children as he frequently posts with his children on Instagram.

Lenny DePaul taking selfie with his daughter and son.
Lenny Depaul with his children.
Source: Instagram/@lennydepaul

Journey of his Service to the nation 

After graduating from his high school from nearby Vernon, Depaul joined the Navy which was called Gator Navy. There he served as a Navy officer from 1976 to 1984. When he got out of Navy service, he was intrigued by the Marshall service, so he joined the U.S. Marshall service in 1989.

Lenny Depaul became Chief Inspector and Commander of US Marshall with his talent and hard work.  He was known as the best manhunter in his service. His life motto was " There is no hunting like the hunting of man and those who have hunted armed man long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter" which was quoted from Ernest Hemingway.

 His talent as a huntsman became known to all around the country and started being called to solve and track fugitives which another agency has failed to do so.  

While being in the service he supervises 380 full-time investigators from 90 Federal, state, and local agencies. The task force working under him used to arrest 100 fugitives per week and only answered to US Congress. After giving more than 30 decades of his life to the US Marshall Task Force finally, retired in 2013.  

Entertainment industry

Retired U.S, marshall DePaul entered the TV industry in  2015 from where he got a huge amount of fame. His famous works are Television series called Manhunters: fugitive task force, hunted, hunting Hitler.

A photo Of Lenny DePaul from Hunting Hitler.
Lenny DePaul in HuntingHitler.
Source: Instagram/@lennydepaul

Hunting Hitler(2015)

Hunting Hitler is all about  FBI agents trying to solve the truth behind Hitler's death.

Hunter (2017)


In this, Tv series  FBI agents have to chase and catch ordinary people while people must deceive and run from detectives to survive.

Manhunters: fugitive task force(2008)

Manhunters is about chasing and arresting wanted fugitives by the Special task force.

Lenny DePaul's Hunted series poster.
Lenny DePau's TV series poster.
Source: Instagram/@lennydepaul

Net Worth

Lenny DePaul's Net worth is not yet disclosed but it is estimated to be around $2 million dollars. As he had work worked for more than five decades in Special Officer of law and many Tv series we can speculate that his net worth is Plenty.

Lenny DePaul celebrating his birthday at "Napa Valley wine country"
Lenny DePaul celebrating his Birthday.
Source: Instagram/@lennydepaul


Awards and Achievements

During his term of service and time in the entertainment industries, Depaul had gained numerous awards and special achievements. In 1996 The Federal law Enforcement Foundation named him " Investigator of the Year". 

Due to his exceptional performance in USMS RFTF Program, Depaul was honored by the Federal Law Enforcement Officer Association in 2009. In the same year, he received another award from Attorney General for his outstanding contribution to the reduction of violent crime.

What's He Doing Now?

DePaul's last work was Season 3 of Hunting Hitler. For now, it looks like he is on break and is enjoying life in New York.
Latest, on 20 June 2021, he posted photos with his son's winning Super Bowl Team with the caption back-to-back super bowl champs !!

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