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Louis Thomas Hardy - Kid of Hollywood Biggie Tom Hardy and Rachel Speed

chand Published On Fri Aug 20 2021   Modified On Fri Aug 20 2021
Louis Thomas Hardy - Kid of Hollywood Biggie Tom Hardy and Rachel Speed

Louis Thomas Hardy is a celebrity kid. He is known for being the son of famous American actor Tom Hardy who has starred in notable movies like Lawless (2012), The drop (2014), Bronson (2008), Tinker tailor soldier (2011), Star Trek: Nemises, Warrior (2011), Mad Max: Fury Road and many more.

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About Louis

Hardy was born on 8 April 2008 to his father Tom hardy who is an actor, and his mother Rachel Speed who is an Assistant director. Currently, no other information about the personal life of Louis Thomas is out in media as his father and mother are keeping him away from media exposure.

Tom hardy and Rachel Speed with newborn Louis Thomas Hardy
Sonewbornurce: Saz

How did Louis's Parents meet?

Louis Thomas Hardy's Parents Tom Hardy and Rachel Speed first met on the set of "The Virgin Queen". At that time Tom was an actor in the movie and Rachel was the casting director. They started to date in 2004 and had Louis in 2008. But due to some personal differences, they got separated in 2009.

Tom Hardy with Rachel Speed. 
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Superstar Father

Louis's father is Tom Hardy is a really good-looking actor he is also known as a heartthrob as the majority of girls are his fans. When he was a teenager, he was addicted to drugs and alcohol and was even expelled from school. 

He stepped into the entertainment industry by winning a modeling contest. It wasn't easy for him to earn success, he had many flop films also he was an alcoholic and it was really hard for him to get out of it. But when he got sober he started to improve his career.  After years of struggle, he started to play notable roles and gain fans, followers, and success. 

He has starred in many movies like Inception, Oliver Twist, This mean war, Batman, The Dark Knight Rises, and many more.

Louis's father's past relationship

Before getting in a romantic relationship with Louis's mom his father was married to Sarah Ward. Tom and Sarah got married in 1999 and got separated in 2004 due to their personal differences.

Louis's Father's Life After Separation

After the separation of his father and mother, his father married Charlotte Riley. Thomas hardy has two stepsiblings from his father and stepmother.

Tom Hardy and his wife Charlotte Riley in an event.
Source:  Harper's Bazaar

Even after his parent's separation, he has a great bond with his father because Tom has always been actively involved in raising Louis. Tom has provided luxurious and lavish life to his son Thomas Hardy.

Parents net worth 

The estimated net worth of Louis Hardy's mother Rachael Speed is $1 million. She earns as casting director for various movies whereas, his father Tom Hardy's estimated net worth is $45 million. He has a lavish mansion and various luxurious cars like Audi R8 Spyder and Camero.

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