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The Influencer Lyndrea Price - Serena and Venus Williams' Sister

sunu Published On Fri Apr 16 2021   Modified On Fri Apr 16 2021
The Influencer Lyndrea Price - Serena  and Venus Williams' Sister

Lyndrea Price is the half-sister of the legendary Tennis players Serena Williams and Venus Williams. Besides, she is a web designer and also a social media influencer.

Price is famous and known because of her two half-siblings. There are no exact details about her birth date.

Picture of Lyndrea Price Source; Instagram @lyndrea_imani


Half-siblings Serena and Venus Williams

Serena and Venus Williams hugging each other/ image source;

Serena Williams and Venus Williams are the best Tennis player of all time and most athletically talented, they are biological sisters.

But only a few people know that Williams has many other talented, non-tennis player siblings, and Price is one of them.

To know more about Price's other siblings gently scroll down.

Lyndrea Price Parents(Oracene Price and Yusef Rasheed)

Lyndrea Price with her mother Oracene Price image source; instagram @lyndrea_imani


Price is the daughter of Oracene Price and  Yusef Rasheed. 

She was born in the United States, but there are no details revealed yet about her exact birth date.

Oracene Price and Yusef Rasheed get married in 1972. And they share three daughters together Yetunde Price,  Price, and Isha Price. 

However, in 1979 the marriage was ended due to the death of Yusef, the marital relationship lasted only for seven years. 

Oracene works as a nurse,  after the death of her husband Yusef Rasheed.

Her Mother Second Husband (Richard Williams)

After her husband's death, she met Richard Williams, and on 17th June 1980, they had their first daughter, Venus, after the birth of Venus they decided to get married.

And later they had another daughter Serena on 26th September 1981.

Serena Williams with Her Father Richard Williams  image source/

Moreover, in the year 2000, Price's mother Oracene and father Richard get separated, and by the end of 2002, their divorce was brought to a conclusion.

The reason behind the separation was reported that Richard  used to be violent with his wife, not only that he also broke three of her ribs once.

Despite her split, they both came regularly to coach their daughters.

Oracene hasn't let the split with Richard Williams interfere the relationship with her daughter, as she is very close to her daughters.

Oracene Price is The Coach Of Serena and Venus Williams;

Oracene is best known as the legendary tennis coach of America, and she is also known as the coach of her two daughters the best tennis players Serena and Venus.

Lyndrea Price Siblings


    Yetunde Price

Yetunde Price Image source; Wikipedia

Yetunde Price was the oldest daughter of Oracene and Yusef, and also the elder sister of Price.

She was born on August 9, 1972, in the United States.

She was also the oldest half-sister and personal assistant of the tennis superstars  Serena and Venus.

Yetunde Price Death

Yetunde Price was shot and killed in gunfire by some gang members of the Compton street gang named Robert Maxfield on the night of 14 September 2003, outside a drug house in Compton, California. 

She was shot through her car window in the back of her head while she was in her white SUV chatting with her boyfriend Rolland Wormly.

After her death, Serena and Venus opened the Yetunde Price Resource Centre in Compton in honor of their half-sister Yetunde Price.

Yetunde was a registered nurse and she also owned a beauty salon, she was also a mother of three children Jair Bobbit, Jeffry Jr., and Justus Bobbit.

  Isha Price 

Isha Price taking a selfie with half-sister tennis player Serena Williams SOURCE; Youtube

Isha Price is a US-based Lawyer by profession, she was born on the 18th of February, 1975.

She is married to her longtime boyfriend, Felix Fayron.

Isha Price has an estimated net worth of $700 thousand, this is based according to the assumption of her work as a Lawyer.

Social Media

Price is also known as a social media influencer, she is active on Instagram as @lyndrea_imani. She has over 100k followers with 351 posts.

Lyndrea Price Lovelife and kids

Lyndrea Price with her boyfriend Vernon Imani  Image Source; Instagram @lyndrea_imani

Price is currently dating a community assistant at America Campus Communities Vernon Imani. 

There are also some rumors of the couple being getting married the reason for assuming was because Price's Instagram account is @lyndrea_imani. Moreover, there are no photos relating to her marriage.

Lyndrea Price posted a picture with a little girl  Source; Instagram @lyndrea_imani

She also posted a picture in her Instagram account with a little girl in 2016 and because of the post her fans started questioning her whether the girl is her child or not, but she didn't give any information or speak about the kid.