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Marguerite Whitley - Get Acquainted With O. J. Simpson's Ex-Wife

salina Published On Sat Aug 07 2021   Modified On Sat Aug 07 2021
Marguerite Whitley - Get Acquainted With O. J. Simpson's Ex-Wife

Marguerite Whitley was born in Los Angeles, California, on March 20, 1949.

She is a businesswoman and a former employee of a retail store. However, she is widely known as the first wife of OJ Simpson, a retired professional American football player. 

After his unusual acquittal in the murder case of his second ex-wife, his former spouse made headlines.


Whitley is of African-American origin, and she attended high school in Los Angeles. She matriculated and enrolled at the Campus of Southern California (USC), the same university where OJ Simpson was enrolled. 

She was in a different relationship at the time, romantically linked to her college classmate Al Cowlings. 

Once when they attended a party, OJ drove her home and they became close in an instance. The two had known each other for a while but had never really connected until that time. 

They started dating in 1967 when her romance with Cowlings ended, and three months later they were engaged. Except for his successes in college football, he was virtually unknown at the time. 

She primarily worked as an employee for the large box retailer Walmart after she finished her education. 

Her husband's career in the National Football League (NFL) began to develop, and she most likely benefited from the fortune he had amassed. She later inherited her family's business which provided her with more cash.


Ex-Husband: OJ Simpson

OJ's father was a cook and his mother was a hospital administrator. Before dying of AIDS, his father worked as a drag performer and later revealed that he was gay. OJ was up in San Francisco and was a member of a gang during his teen.

Oj Simpson and Marguerite Whitley
OJ Simpson and Marguerite Whitley. Source- DreShare

After his parents divorced, he was raised mostly by his mother, and he got into a lot of problems before being persuaded by professional baseball player Willie Mays to attempted to pursue sports and stay out of trouble. 

He attended Galileo High school and was a member of the football team during his time there. He was a star athlete, but he was struggling academically. He continued to play football after graduating and enrolled at City College of San Francisco.


Marguerite Whitley had three children with OJ Simpson, the young of whom drowned in the family's swimming pool when he was two years old. 

The couple was married for 12 years until he got associated with a nightclub waiter Nicole Brown during their final years together, which caused their divorce. 

Whitely got romantically involved with Rudolph Lewis, a transportation supervisor, after their divorce, and the two married in 1986. 

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