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Meet Marika Gerrard - Photographer Who Once Married Zoey Turr

chand Published On Tue Sep 21 2021   Modified On Tue Sep 21 2021
Meet Marika Gerrard - Photographer Who Once Married Zoey Turr

Marika Gerrard is an American Journalist and a photographer. She is known for being the former wife of Hanna Zoey Tur who is a Transgender American news Reporter.

Three times Emmy Awards winner Gerrard is a very talented personality in Journalism. To know more about Marika Gerrard's Personal and professional life stay with us.

About Gerrard

Gerrard was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Since her childhood, she was interested in photography and reading books.

Marika Gerrard trying to play Guitar.
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Educational Background

Gerrard attended the University of California, Los Angeles, from where she graduated with her Bachelor's degree in Law and also did her Postgraduate degree in Philosophy.


Gerrard worked in Los Angeles news services, Marina del Rey, California, from 1980 as Aerial Videographer for 17 years where she covered numerous stories like the Laurel Canyon Murders and shot award-winning videos from news helicopter including the beating of Reginald Deny during the 1992 riots and the OJ Simpson pursuit.

Then from Jan 1980, she started to work as a Library Manager in the same News Service and still is working there. Her job includes Market and License library footage to the television and movie industry.

Net Worth 

The estimated net worth of Marika Gerrard is $ 600,000. She earns a Lucrative amount of income from journalism and Photography.


Gerrard is 3 television news Emmy Awards winner. In 1989 she won Edward R. Murrow Award for the Loma Prieta earthquake 1989. Then again she won another Edward R. Murrow Award for Jewish Americans Leaving Their Homes for Israel. 

She was awarded the other two awards " Associated Press National Breaking News Award" and National Press Photographers Association Humanitarian Award".

Marriage with Bobby Tur

Marika Gerrard met Bobby Tur in 1978 at Westwood's Bruin Theater. At that time Bobby Tur was also a journalism major. Despite being 5 years younger than Gerrard, he still made the move to ask out Marika. Soon after their first date, they started to live together.


After dating for some years and living together Gerrard and Tur got married after their first child was born. 


Gerrard and Tur have two kids together. Their first child Katy Tur was born in 1983 who is a reporter whereas their second child James Tur was born in 1985. 


Unfortunately, Marika Gerrard's and Tur's marriage didn't end up so well. After more than 20 years of marriage, they decided to get separated and got divorced in 2003.

Near-death experience

Once while Gerrard was in the helicopter she got shot while reporting but fortunately, she wasn't injured. But the experience was so scary and that she could have died.

Life after divorce

After her divorce from Tur Gerrard stayed single and only is focused on her career and herself.

Former husband's life after divorce

After their divorce, Tur's mental health took a very hard toll on him because of which he even tried to commit suicide. But after he transitioned to transgender women in 2014 her mental health has been more stable.

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