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YouTuber Markiplier and Amy Nelson Relationship

sajju Published On Wed Nov 17 2021   Modified On Wed Nov 17 2021
YouTuber Markiplier and Amy Nelson Relationship

Mark Edward Fischbach aka Markiplier, the American YouTuber and podcast host is in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend, Amy Nelson who is a graphic designer and animator from Ohio.

Firstly, The couple began dating in the year 2015 and they made their relationship public in 2016 via Twitter. The lovebirds is together for over 5 years and still more to go.

What is Mark's sexuality?

Mark Edward Fischbach better known as Markiplier is an American YouTuber and podcast host. He is a citizen from Cincinnati, Ohio, America. Talking about his sexual orientation, Edward is a straight guy. In other words, he only likes women and gets attracted to the opposite sex. 

Markiplier and Amy Nelson's Relationship:

Markiplier and his girlfriend, Amy Nelson Source - Pinterest

The award-winning YouTuber Markiplier is currently dating his long-term girlfriend, Amy Nelson since 2015. The romantic lovebirds were secretly dating each other. 

After dating for a year, Mark and Amy made their relationship official in 2016. They were also seen together during VidCon 2016. However, none of them have revealed how, when, and where they first come across each other. 

Who is Markiplier's girlfriend? What does she do?

Markiplier's gilrfriend Amy Nelson aka Peebles was born on 21st May 1994 in Cincinnati, Ohio, the United States of America. She is a graphic designer and animator who currently resides in Los Angeles. 

She has made appearances in her boyfriend's videos and her first YouTube video with Fischbach was titled DON'T LAUGH CHALLENGE #5. 

Amy Nelson Source - Pinterest

Furthermore, she and her friend named Kathryn Knutsen works as the official judge of Mark's live-action series, Markiplier Makes.

Moreover, Amy has also edited some portions of Unus Annus videos. In fact, she is a traveler as well as an animal lover. Besides, she is also a social person who is active on her social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter.

Did they share any children?

No, the romantic couple hasn't welcomed any kids yet. They are probably focusing on their respective careers at the moment. The lovely duo is taking time to know each other well and then proceed to further procedure. 

         Markiplier's YouTube video titled "A Heist with Markiplier"

They might be planning for their grand wedding as they have been dating for over 5 years now. Both Edward and Nelson look cute together. She also features on some of his YouTube videos. Hope we get good news about their wedding bell soon.

Past Relationships & Affairs:

Well, it seems like Markiplier and Amy Nelson's relationship is the first and serious relationship they both have been so far. As they haven't disclosed any information about their past relationship and affairs, it is quite difficult for us to declare anything on that topic. But stay tuned, as we shall update the information as soon as it is made available.  

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