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Home net-worth Mary Padian's Net Worth - "Storage Wars Texas" Star's Journey To Become Rich

Mary Padian's Net Worth - "Storage Wars Texas" Star's Journey To Become Rich

upesh Published On Fri Jul 23 2021   Modified On Fri Jul 23 2021
Mary Padian's Net Worth - "Storage Wars Texas" Star's Journey To Become Rich

Mary Padian is a reality television show star, an entrepreneur whose net worth is estimated to be 1.1 Million dollars as of 2021. 

Padian began to increase her net worth since her debut in the A&E network reality spinoff series Storage Wars Texas and the original series Storage Wars.

Mary Padian's Earnings

From the TV series

Mary Padian's road to earning started in the reality TV show Storage Wars Texas that paid 15,000$ to 25,000$ to its cast members. 

During the early times of the show, the cast members were paid only around 2,000$. 

But luckily, for Mary, the show was quite popular when she became part of the show in 2014, during which the highest cast member made 25,000$ per episode. 

Due to her skills and her ability to turn the unwanted material into good money. 

She gained fame and recognition from the audience and was given the title of "The Junker" within the show.

Mary Padian smiling with her yellow hat on.
Mary Padian Smiling
Source: Instagram/marypadian

Due to her success in the show, she was paid 50,000$ per season and 15,000$ per episode. This converted into the massive chunk of net worth she has accumulated as of today.

From her Shop

Padian's hunger for her adventure in turning junk into good amounts of money didn't just end within the show but only grew stronger. 

With her growing hunger, she had an idea to make videos of how she converted old and cheap items, antiques and turning them into profits. 

She named her videos Mary's Finds. Not long after she decided to open an online shop with the same name Mary's Finds.

Mary Padian smiling in her car seat
Mary Padian in her car
Source: Instagram/marypadian

She has many handmade vintage and one-of-a-kind items to decorate one house in her online store that ranges from 9$ - 45$. 

One example from her store would be a set of 2 semi-porcelain plates that costs 14$.

From her Social Media Engagement and Sponsorships

According to Social Blade, Mary Padian's YouTube handle attracts a large number of a healthy amount of viewers. 

Consequently, she earns an estimated of 0.10$ - 2$ on monthly basis and 1$ - 20$ annually.

Padian also engages in a paid partnership with many products which she promotes through her Instagram page.

Mary Padian holding 2 protein powder for giveaway
Mary Padian doing a giveaway
Source: Instagram/marypadian

Besides all of her engagement in various earnings to gain profit, she is also engaged in charity and nonprofit sells and trades. 

Using her various social media, Padian has decided to represent her favorite non-profit organization called "Ubuntu Life". 

Mary also posted about a product in her Instagram and Twitter accounts which she introduced as "Joy Bracelets". 

This product was designed with Padian's help and every sales that she makes out of it goes to charity.