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Late Matthew Ansara: Barbara Eden's Son Who Died of Overdose

chand Published On Sun Aug 15 2021   Modified On Sun Aug 15 2021
Late Matthew Ansara: Barbara Eden's Son Who Died of Overdose

Matthew Ansara was an actor and bodybuilder. He was born to actress Barbara Eden and an American actor Michel Ansara.

On 25 June 2001, he was found dead in his own truck in Morovia, California, at the age of 35, leaving his parents broken and devastated. 

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Who was Matthew?

Matthew Ansara was a celebrity kid born on 29 Aug 1965, to his Famous actress mother Barbara Eden and actor father. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, coming from a wealthy family he has had a great childhood.

He later followed the footsteps of his mother and his father and debuted as an actor at the age of 15. He was interested in fitness and was a pretty fit bodybuilder as well.

Matthew Ansara after he started body building.
Matthew Ansara after he started bodybuilding.
Source: Find a Grave


Matthew was the only son of his parents. His mother Barbara Eden was a notable actress who has worked in numerous movies and television series. She has starred in Flaming star (1960), 7 faces of Dr. Lao (1964). The Brass Bottle (1964), I Dream of Jeanie (1965), and many more. 

His father Michel Ansara was an American actor who has starred in Broken Arrow, Kane, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Star Trek, and many more.

Matthew Ansara with his Eden Barbara and Michel Ansara.
Matthew Ansara with his Eden Barbara and Michel Ansara.
Source: DoouRemember?

Education background

For his university studies, Ansara attended the University of California, Los Angeles,  The University of California- Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles Valley College.


Ansara first debuted in the entertainment industry at the age of 15, from the pilot episode of Harper Valley PTA. He also starred in movies like To Protect and Serve(2001), Con Games (2001), and One World (1998). He also became a bodybuilder after coming out of his addiction. 


Matthew Ansara was married for 2 years to Julie Ansara but later they got divorced. After a while, he again fell in love with another girl named Leena Green and was planning to get married on 1 Sep of 2001. 

Ansara's Drug Addiction Killed Him

Ansara started to take drugs at the age of 16, later he became addicted to it and couldn't leave drugs for more than a decade. 
Once a sweet warm boy became aggressive and had changed a lot due to his addiction. He left the home he used to sleep on the streets, then his parents admitted him to Rehab from there onwards he started to get sober for more time.

He was suffering from clinical depression but was trying his best to get out of that hell. Then he even started fitness and bodybuilding to stay more fit, he was getting his life on track. 

But one day died from a heroin overdose in his own pickup truck at the gas station. He hadn't had drugs for long and the drugs he took, killed him. After 6 hours of getting discovered in his truck, he was declared dead.

His tragic death at such a young age left his parents devasted. He was rested at peace at Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills) in Los Angels California.

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