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Miguel Bezos - A Man Who Adopter Jefff Bezos' and Loves Him as Father

upesh Published On Wed Sep 01 2021   Modified On Wed Sep 01 2021
Miguel Bezos -  A Man Who Adopter Jefff Bezos' and Loves Him as Father

Everyone in the world today knows about the name "Amazon", it has become a world-renowned online shop which ships and delivers its goods to almost every country in the world. And the brain behind this successful company is named Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos is renowned all over the world as he is one of the richest people in the world. But only a few know about Miguel Bezos. Today we will learn more about Miguel Bezos, step-father of Jeff Bezos.


Miguel was born in Santiago De Cuba where he lived a wonderful early life with his parents and two siblings, his brother and sister.

His father was a businessman and his mother was a housewife. His father owned a lumber mill and his mother owned a store where she sold clothes for babies.

At the tender age of 16, Miguel immigrated to the US from his Cuban lands in hopes of living the American dream in 1962 

His early life in America started with him staying in a refugee camp in Florida for few weeks. Then he was sent to Wilmington, Delaware where he was able to attend his high school and he managed to get a scholarship in a college in Albuquerque. 

He was able to gain his undergraduate degree from the University of Albuquerque. Later he met his wife Jacklyn along with her son Jeff while he was still in college.

Miguel Bezos with his son Jeff Bezos
Miguel Bezos with his son Jeff Bezos
Source: Instagram/jeffbezos


Mike is currently the co-founder of the "Bezos Family Foundation" along with his wife and children and their spouses. Together with his family, the foundation provides educational aid to young people. He and his family serve as directors in the foundation. 

Besides all this Miguel is also a board member of the "National Museum id American History" and on the board of "New Classrooms Innovation Partners".

Miguel Bezos laughing with his son Jeff Bezos
Source: Instagram/jeffbezos


Miguel Bezos married Jacklyn Gise in the year 1968, who had separated from her first husband Ted Jorgensen three before in 1965. He also adopted Jeff Bezos and raised him with lots of love and care despite Jeff not being his biological son.

A year after their marriage the couple was blessed with a daughter in 1969 who was named Christina Poore. She is famous as the youngest sister of Amazon creator Jeff Bezos. She is happily married to her husband Stephen Poore. 

Then in 1970, Mike and his wife welcomed his biological son Mark Bezos who words for "Robin Hood" which is an anti-poverty association based in New York.

Miguel Bezos(left) with his son Jeff Bezos(middle) and wife Jacklyn Gise(right)
Miguel Bezos with his son Jeff Bezos and wife Jacklyn Gise
Source: the-sun

Net Worth

Since Jeff Bezos is one of the richest people in the world his father is probably not far behind in the net worth section. But Mike hasn't revealed his exact number to the public. 

But a 1997 SEC filing revealed by Bloomberg Tuesday shows that Jackie and Mike Bezos invested about  $245,573 in Amazon in the year 1995 which could be worth about 30 Billion USD today.

 It is not know how many amounts of shares the couple has held onto but if they have any, Mike along with his wife could be one of the richest people alive. 

However, we can't be sure as to the exact amount of net worth Miguel Bezos has but his son Jeff Bezos currently has a net worth of 191.1 billion USD.

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