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Late Morgan Fieri - Death From Cancer and More About Her

chand Published On Thu Sep 02 2021   Modified On Thu Sep 02 2021
Late Morgan Fieri - Death From Cancer and More About Her

Morgan Fieri aka Mimi Ferry was a dancer, philanthropist, and massage therapist. She came to the spotlight for being the sister of restaurant owner and television personality Guy Fieri.

Morgan loved traveling and helping the poor and needy. There is so much for you to know about Morgan Fieri so keep scrolling.

About Fieri

Fieri was born in California on 27 Sep 1972. She lived and grew up in Ferndale with her parents Jim and Penelope Fieri and her brother Guy Fieri.

Morgan  Fieri with Guy Fieri, Jim Fieri, and Penelope Fieri.
Morgan  Fieri with Guy Fieri, Jim Fieri, and Penelope Fieri.
Source: Instagram/ @guyfieri

Educational Background  

In 1989 Fieri graduated her high school from Ferndale High School. She then attended Sacramento State University and American River Junior College before receiving a Bachelor's degree in Hospitality from Cal Poly in Pomona.

Mimi was openly gay 

Morgan Fieri was in a relationship with Dain Pape from which she gave birth to her son. Later, she announces that she was gay publicly and got married to Annie Antepara.


Fieri has a son from her romantic relationship with a man name Dain Pape.

Morgan Fieri son Jules Fieri.
Morgan Fieri son Jules Fieri.
Source: Instagram/ @julesfieri

Custody battle of Jules

Mimi had a battle at court when Jules father Dain Pape filed for Jules custody. At that time Jules was living with his grandparents because Dain was not fit to be a good father. But eventually, Dain got custody of his son.

Cause of Death of Morgan

At the age of four, Morgan Fieri survived the battle with cancer. But tragically died at the age of 39 on 19 Feb 2011 due to skin cancer known as metastatic melanoma.


Fieri volunteered at numerous charitable organizations including an orphanage in Colima, Mexico.


Fieri initially worked as a massage therapist for three years. In 2005 she moved to Fair fax and started her career in healing art. As she was interested in singing and dancing she also became a member of a West African dance group. She was also co-founder of The Guy Fieri Foundation of Inspiration and Imagination.

Guy's Fieri Life After The Death of His Sister 

As Guy was close to Fieri it was really hard for him to cope with her death. When Fieri died, Guy was shooting his food show, even when he lost his sister he put on his brave face and continued his job because Morgan would have wanted the same. 

After the death of Fieri, Guy helped those who were suffering from the same kind of cancer that killed Morgan. 

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