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Rick Kaepernick - Who Adopted Colin Kaepernick When He Was Just 5 Weeks

chand Published On Fri Sep 03 2021   Modified On Fri Sep 03 2021
Rick Kaepernick - Who Adopted Colin Kaepernick When He Was Just 5 Weeks

Rick Kaepernick is the father of Colin Kaepernick is an American former football player and civil rights activist. He has played for the San Fransisco 49ers in NFL for six seasons.

Rick adopted Colin when he was just 5 weeks old, they have a very strong father and son bond. To know more about Rick Kaepernick keep scrolling.

How did Rick meet Teresa?

Rick Kaepernick and Teresa Kaepernick met in school and fall in love when they were at high school. They always wanted to have kids and they married young.

Rick Kaepernick with Teresa Kaepernick
Rick Kaepernick with Teresa Kaepernick.
Source: Instagram/ @kaepernick7

Dream of Kaepernick to have a big family

Kaepernick always dreamed of having a big family. After marrying young at age of 24, they had their first son Kyle, they had Lance who died at the age of 23 days due to heart defects and after Lance, they had Kent who died after 4 days of his birth due to congenital heart defects. 

Then finally Kaepernick had their second healthy child Devon, but still when Teresa was pregnant with Devon doctor told them there was a high incidence of heart defects. So, Kaepernick decided to not have children of their own and rather adopt in the future.

Adoption of 5 weeks old Colin 

After the death of his two children and still having high chances of heart disease in their coming child Kaepernick decided not to give birth to an unhealthy child and rather wanted to adopt kids. 

So, after waiting for 6 years Kaepernick's adopted a 5 weeks old Colin Kaepernick from the Lutheran Social Services office in Appleton, Wisconsin whom he loved and raised as his own.

Colin Kaepernick at Gym.
Colin Kaepernick at Gym.
Source: Instagram/ @kaepernick7

Love and support for Colin  

As Kaepernick's lived in the all-white neighborhood it was a little hard for Colin to adjust because he was the only kid with different skin color. Colin also faced racism in his school, even when he was an ace player he didn't get any scholarship or incentives because of his skin color. 

When Colin grew up he understood that no matter what  Kaepernick's are his family and that his skin color doesn't matter, so he is thankful to be  Kaepernick and have Rick and Teresa as his parents. From an early age, Colin was very much interested in football, baseball, and basketball but no one believed in him except his family.

Netflix series featuring Colin's family  

Netflix's limited original series of six-part based on the upbringing of Colin is going to be released where his adoptive family is going to narrate his childhood.

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