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Robert Noah -Trevor Noah's Father Who Bravely Spoke Against Racism

chand Published On Thu Sep 02 2021   Modified On Thu Sep 02 2021
Robert Noah -Trevor Noah's Father Who Bravely Spoke Against Racism

Robert Noah is a Swiss-German chef and entrepreneur. He is mostly known for being the father of Trevor Noah who renowned comedian, actor, writer, television host, and TV producer. 

Noah was an Anti-Racist person who even opened up a restaurant to serve colored people during apartheid. To know more about Robert stay with us.

Opposer of Apartheid  

During apartheid, Noah strongly opposed racism. He never understood why white people discovered Africa if they hated people of color so much.  

Robert Noah.
Robert Noah.
Source: ABTC

Opened first anti-discriminatory restaurant

To serve the people of color Noah opened an anti-discriminatory restaurant in Johannesburg. He got the license from the government and the restaurant was a success. But the white people tried to shut down the restaurant by putting up the petition, even police tried to shut down it for health violations. 

When those things didn't work they used another idea to shut down the restaurant by demanding separate toilets for different racial people. Noah didn't give in to what white people wanted and closed down the restaurant. 

Net worth  

The estimated net worth of Robert Noah is $60,000. He earns his income from his career as Chef.

Relationship with Patricia

Robert Noah had his first son Trevor from his romantic relationship with Patricia who was a colored woman living in the white neighborhood. Patricia gave birth to Trevor out of wedlock as Robert and Patricia never got married.

Noah with other neighbors covered up the fact that a colored woman was living in a restricted area, for Patricia and never reported her as she could have gotten severe punishment.

Son - Trevor Noah    

Trevor Noah was born 29 Feb 1984 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is an actor, comedian, writer, and host. He has worked for South African Broad Casting Corporation, M-Net, DStv, and many more. In 2018 he was even listed as one of the hundred most influential people in the world.

Trevor Noah in a black Tuxedo.
Trevor Noah in a black Tuxedo.
Source: Instagram/ @trevornoah

Noah's relationship with his Son

It was really hard for Noah to meet his son during apartheid because it was like a crime for white people to have any relationship with black people. 

After they moved to Yeoville Noah got more time to spend with his son as it was a newly segregated area where people from various races could meet.

Noah used to cook a German dish called Rosti for his son every time they meet. As Noah had to keep moving places due to his job he almost lost touch with his son when he moved to Cape Town.

Noah and Trevor were separated for more than 7 years, which made Trevor doubt his father's love for him. But still, he looked for his father when his mother encouraged him to find the whereabouts of his father. 

Fortunately, they reunited and Noah showed all the love and affection that he had for his son. Noah had always kept track of his sons achievements and success, he even had collected all the cutouts from newspapers and advertisements of his son and saved them in a scrapbook. 

After seeing all those efforts that Noah had made to stay close to Trevor even when they weren't together, Trevor was assured that his father has always loved him.

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