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Ruth Weinstein - Harvey Weinstein's daughter

chand Published On Fri Nov 05 2021   Modified On Fri Nov 05 2021
Ruth Weinstein - Harvey Weinstein's daughter

Ruth Weinstein is the youngest daughter of Harvey Weinstein and Eve Martirano. Ruth had a very hard time at a young age because of her father's controversy.

She likes to live a lowkey life because she had to go through a lot of hardship and got a lot of backlash from society due to her father's criminal act. 

Ruth's Family

Ruth was born on 31 December 2002 to her parents Eve Martirano and Harvey Weinstein. Her father Harvey is a former film producer, whereas her mother is a former assistant who is currently working in her own family business. 

Her grandparents from her father's side are Max Weinstein and Miriam Weinstein, whereas her grandparents from her mother's side are Tim Chilton and Maude Chilton.

Being born to a rich and famous family was like a blessing to her at first, but all the fame she inherited became a curse when her father was accused of sexually assaulting dozens of women.

Who is her father?

Ruth Weinstein's father Harvey Weinstein is a former film producer and co-founder of Miramax Company. He has produced movies like Sex, Lies, and Videeotape (1989), The Crying Game (1992), Pulp Fiction (1994), Heavenly creature (1996), Shakespeare in Love (1998), and many more. 

Harvey Weinstein with Georgina Chapman.
Harvey Weinstein with Georgina Chapman.
Source: Ok Magazine

He was initially married to Ruth's mother Eve Martirano then got divorced in 2004 due to some personal reasons. Then Weinstein again got married to fashion designer Georgina Chapman and again got divorced in 2021. 

He has got three children from his marriage with Eve Martirano and two children from his marriage to Georgia Chapman.

Her father's controversy

In 2017 Harvey was accused of sexual assault by some women, then after the first accusation, dozens of victims came out and accused him as well. He was convicted of one count of first-degree sexual assault and one count of third-degree rape. 

Following his controversy, he was fired from his company. After his conviction, he was sentenced to 23 years in prison. Currently, he is serving at Wende Correctional Facility.

Harvey Weinstein on his way to court.
Harvey Weinstein on his way to court.
Source: Arab News

Relationship with her father 

Harvey loved his daughters and they had a great relationship before all his controversies. After the controversy, they had a very rocky relationship. She was only 15 when her father's controversy made headlines and her life turned awful. 

She and her sisters had to go through a lot of hardships and they even disowned their father. Even if their father was good to them his criminal and monstrous act made them hate him so much that they don't even contact him anymore.


Ruth Weinstein has 4 siblings, 2 of them are biological, whereas two of them are step-siblings. Lily ( Remy) and  Emma are her biological siblings whereas India and Dashiell are her step-siblings from her father's side.


Weinstein had a great childhood as she was born in a rich family. Currently, it is not known what type of life is she living as she likes to stay out of the media spotlight.  

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