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Accurate Facts on Ryder Evan Russaw - Todd Russaw and Faith Evans's Son

sunu Published On Mon Apr 19 2021   Modified On Mon Apr 19 2021
Accurate Facts on Ryder Evan Russaw - Todd Russaw and Faith Evans's Son

Today we are going to discuss and talk about Ryder Evan Russaw. Many kids are in the spotlight or famous because of their famous parent's status. Ryder is one of them, he is famous because of his parents. 

To know more about Ryder and his parents, personal life, net worth, bio, social media, age, family, siblings, let's read the article completely.

Ryder Evan Russaw Son OF Faith Evan And Todd Russaw IMG SOURCE; Instagram @therealfaithevans

Ryder Evan Russaw is the youngest son of the successful and well-known singer Faith Evans and her ex-husband Todd Russaw.

He was born on March 22, 2007, in the United States of America. His birth sign is Aries and as of 2021, he is 14 years old.

Besides, borning to American parents, Ryder holds an American nationality with African-American ethnicity.

Ryder Evan Russaw Parents

Todd Russaw And Faith Evans Ryder's Parents  SOURCE;

Ryder's father is Todd Russaw and his mother is Faith Evans. His mother Faith is a famous American actress, singer, producer, and also songwriter.

His Father (Todd ) and his famous actress mother (Faith) get married in the year 1998 and were officially divorced in 2011.

Sadly, he didn't spend much of his childhood with his parents because when he was just 4 years when his parents get divorced, although he is close to both of his parents.

However, Todd and Faiths share four children, Ryder is the second of them, along with his three siblings Joshua, Chyna, Christopher jr.

According to the source, his Mother Faith has married three times, her first husband whom she married was Notorious B.I.G(m.1994-1997), the second was Ryder's father Todd (m.1998-2011), and the third and also the present husband of Faith Stevie J (m.2018).

Ryder Evan Russaw has three siblings

Ryder Evan Russaw With his Mom and Siblings (Image Source;

Ryder has three siblings, Chyna, Joshua, and Christopher Jr.

Chyna is his oldest sister, from her mother's past relationship with Kiyamma Griffin.

Christopher Jordan is the son of Notorious B.I.G, Ryder's mother's first husband. 

Joshua is the only biological sibling of Ryder, he was born in 1999.

Education, Career, and Social Media

Ryder completed his primary education at a private high school, from his hometown. 

Besides, there are no details available more about his educational life but we can say that he is still studying.

He is just a 14 years old kid to have a certain career or be in the professional field, so according to that he officially has no professional career, he is just focusing on his studies.

However, being a part of a celebrity family, there are possibilities to be on a good path or career may be in his coming future.

Ryder is on Instagram but not so active on it, his Instagram account is @Ryder with over 2400 followers.


       Ryder Evan Russaw Net Worth, Salary


According to some sources, Ryder has no main source of income, as we said before he is too young to start a career or start earning for his own.

But there is no doubt that he is living a luxurious lifestyle because his mother and father are wealthy enough to maintain his luxurious life.

According to some sources, Ryder's mother has properties and Ryder holds a small part of the land which is worth around $500k US Dollars.

So approximately, Ryder has a net worth of $500k US Dollars but his mother has a total net worth of $9.5 million, as of 2021.

Faith has a wealthy earning source as an actress, singer, producer, and songwriter. She has done several movies, which are super hit and also she wrote many hit songs which earns a good sum that is added to her net worth.


Ryder Evan Russaw suffers from Autism

Autistic child Ryder Evan Russaw / Source; Instagram @therealfaithevans

Yes, you heard it right, Faith's son Ryder is an Autistic child, he is suffering from Autism. 

Besides, Ryder was born as a healthy child, later he was shown signs of Autism. 

Furthermore, in August 2019, faith shared a post of her son Ryder in her Instagram account explaining Ryder as a brave kid to fight the Symptoms.

She also said that she wants a normal life for Ryder as same as her other kids.